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Squeaky no more

Monday 8:09 am. Iím tired. Iím surprised I got out of bed to tell you the truth Ė damn this work ethic of mine! (Or more likely itís the lack of sick days we negotiated in our last contract). My 3 day weekend feels like it was a week long which in theory is all goodÖ.but at the same time makes me uber tired come Monday morning. Iím not complaining thoughÖ.although it probably seems that way.

I woke up this morning from a terrible dream in which I went swimming like I do every week except instead of meeting T I met my ex J. We were meeting to go swim and catch up Ė which on the surface is fine but obviously if I had to lie about it it wasnít a good thing. In my dream we were at the Pool Building but had to take a bus to the site well as it turns out we got on the wrong bus and it drove to the end of town (ie too far to walk) and then the bus driver just stopped. I kept trying to problem solve ways to get back and the last time I looked over at the driver she had put her seat down and grabbed blankets and was going to sleep. Thatís when I began to freak out cause I realized how bad this seemed and was upset that I couldnít share this bizarre situation with Keith cause then he would know I lied. I finally decided to call a cab and have them pick me up and take me back to the pool. Of course thatís when I was all thumbs and could not for the life of me figure out how to work my phone. Thankfully I woke up at that moment. Dreams. Feh.

So my weekend started out pretty stressful. I booked a few vacation hours Thursday afternoon and was leaving at 2:30 Ė I then moved it to 2 and had to work super hard to get my work completed. I headed home to pack the car and pick up Keith then we got in squeaky (the car) to meet my parents. My car has been squeaking badly Ė not the brakes those were looked at Ė we feared it was the bearings or something equally pricy. I asked my dad if he could have his mechanic who he trusts 100% to look at it cause already 3 people had looked and charged us something for Ďfixingí it. I figured we would drop it off Friday evening at the mechanics but my dad suggested we meet up Thursday and switch cars as Keith and I were going to be in T dot that day. So that was the plan. Then the rain started. Then rush hour started. Then I lost my sanity! We finally made it Ė switched cars with minutes to swear as my parents had plans and then hit the road to Sís. Then we hit even harder rain and more rush hour nonsense. Letís just say that by the time we got to her new place I had a beer within 5 minutes of being there. I never drink beer. It was needed. After that hellish start to the weekend the rest was much much better.

We finished our beers, I got changed and then we headed out around the corner to the subway and made our way to Kensington Market where Sís man was playing that evening for some festival. Itís kind of funny cause I used to not say a peep for years when we would all stand around trying to figure out plans and act like statues. Now Iím the first to start the prompting ďokay guys letís go get something to eatĒ. Then when they make a few suggestions I actually just pick a place rather than telling them to choose. It feels nice to have a voice. Of course S was also with an asshole before her new guy so sometimes treading water was just the smarter way to go back then! Anywho we grabbed a bite to eat from this absolutely fantastic amazing burrito place (seriously I am drooling thinking of how damn good it was) and then went back to the venue Ė the super market heh cute name Ė and rocked out for the next few hours. I actually found myself having a really good time and just chilled out and didnít worry about crap. Around 1 we left and decided to go to an Irish pub close by Sís place. We spent about another hour or so there shooting the breeze when we left on our way back to their apartment via a pizza place Keith commented that this was the first time heís been this happy in weeks. Heís going through a bit of a depression (for another entry) but I was SO happy to hear those words. We got our food stumbled back to the apartment and stuffed our faces before finally succumbing to sleep sometime after 3am. Itís been a while since this old bod saw that time on the clock!

Friday we got up Ė late as you can imagine. We sat on the awesome balcony Ė you would never know you were in Toronto as you looked out onto the green lawn and trees and yah it was purdy. We drank our coffees and finally headed out to High Park around 1-ish for some food. We could have walked as it was probably a 10-15 minute walk but being hung over and lazy we drove. After stuffing our faces on food that was surprisingly really good we went for a 2 hour stroll through the park. The stroll was longer than planned but it was a beautiful day. We eventually made our way to the car, drove back to Sís and had some water before looking at pictures of their Nashville trip and then finally getting back on the road to head to my parents.

I felt bad cause my brother text me and asked when we would arrive - Keith and I planned on stopping at our 3 thrift stores so we did - but it meant missing out on a little time with the nephews. I told myself to let the guilt go, I had the whole weekend to spend time with those little imps. They spent about an hour there with us then hit the trail. They were back by 9am at which time my brother and sil went off to practice music while Keith, mom and I took the boys for a walk. The walk turned out to be picking up garbage as that was the volunteer thing going on down town. We all put on gloves and basically picked up garbage. D was psyched for the first part then the fun wore off and he was all about running around and not listening - feh 3 year olds. I basically pushed Sam and he eventually fell asleep. After that we headed back and met everyone back at the church. We had pizza for lunch - along with several people who randomly were around (care taker, student minister etc). Then mom, my sil and I took the boys and went shopping. I drove my dad's huge truck which was scary enough being so big and powerful but having people in it - the kids - was super scary. But we made it home in one piece with the back of the truck filled to the gills - we even fit 4 huge tomato plants in - well 3 in the back 1 in front with my mom.

We had a bbq that night for dinner and after the kids left we managed to fit in 2 scrabble games and a few banana gram games. Sunday we were up super early to make my dad bkfst for father's day. Then church then lunch at the legion and finally it was time to hit the hwy back home. All in all a pretty awesome weekend.

I need more weekends like this....even if I do come out of it uber tired!

9:23 p.m. - 2013-06-17


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