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I'm typing this as a bit of a test to see how sore my right hand gets. Resting it these last few days has done wonders. It is not painful to move and my fingers are fluid again. I am interested to see how I will feel after working all day tomorrow (or by the end of this entry).

I am sick of going to the clinic every day to get my dressing changed and the gauze re-packed, but I know it's for the best. I had a male doctor yesterday who called himself the 'expert' and I told him I'm a fast healer he actually scoffed at me cause he was reading on the screen I am diabetic. Much to his surprise when he removed my bandaid I am healing quite nicely and ahead of schedule. Neener.

I'm hoping just a couple more days.

Our work winter dance was last night. I danced and boogied more than I thought I would. I almost won a scavenger hunt but I couldn't find anyone who had matches. Who has matches anymore? Ironically if I had brought my big day-to-day purse that had matches in it (as well as a birthday candle).

Well tomorrow is Monday. A five day work week then 4 days off. We have the long weekend and I took off Tuesday as well (just because). It's also V-day on Friday. I imagine the hubby and I will do something super low key considering spending very little money is our priority these days. Keith thought his temp job might be done after 1 week - it's a 3 week contract - but he is due back next week so that's good. He's much happier leaving the house everyday and being productive. Him happy is a good thing.

Hm the hand is getting a little achy so I better quit while I'm ahead. This doesn't bode well when I spend 7 hours of my day sitting at a desk typing does it!

7:50 p.m. - 2014-02-09


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