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Where’s my helmet?

That crash back down to earth was a bumpy one. I should have had a helmet! My weekend was totally off the charts, I would daresay it was one of the best weekend’s of my life. I should have known the fall back to down to earth on Sunday would be brutal. I didn’t just have the Sunday blues yesterday I had the whole world is over blues! What I am trying to say is that I enjoyed my weekend so thoroughly that when it was over I didn’t handle it very well.

Thursday night. Oh Lord I don’t even know if I can talk about this concert. I have seen MB in concert I believe 7 times. This being the seventh. It’s either six or seven and I will figure it out – soon – but not right now. I did go for my walk after work and I was the only one at the track for the majority of it which was good cause I was grinning like a gd idiot for most of my walk. I was pretty much vibrating with excitement. I made it for 50 minutes before I said to hell with this and rushed home. The hubby subdued me by his demeanour cause he was nowhere close to being excited. Whatevs I had enough excitement for both of us. We parked at my spot that I use during the day when I work. We got to the venue with 20 minutes to spare and I then again started to vibrate cause I was finally finding out just where our seats were. I knew I was front row but I didn’t know where they had placed the stage for this event. It was probably more than 2 feet from us but less than 3! That Close. I sat down and just stared at the stage. So Close. So Damn Close. We weren’t centre which I found out to be a blessing as there were speakers right in front and MB stood and sat pretty much directly in front of me for the majority of the concert. I thought for sure I’d wake up from this dream anytime. Before too long the lights dimmed and it was showtime. Then the orchestra came out that he was playing with and they began to play and……they didn’t stop. Seriously they played like 5 songs and I leaned over and said to Keith “I know they are good but I didn’t pay this much money to listen to them!” They stopped, the lights came up and it was a short intermission. I was slowly dying. I am not a patient person. Finally the lights dimmed again. But again the orchestra started to play – mother of mercy! Then a voice that could only be Micheal’s sang out and then he walked out on stage and I could see every single hair on his head! BTW not loving the hair lately – I like it close cropped but he’s grown it a bit and it looks unruly. Anywho I was in shock and disbelief for the first few songs cause I just couldn’t believe I had finally made it to the front row after all these years. He told us to make as much noise as we wanted (damn old people in the crowd weren’t very co-operative) and he said to take as many pictures as we wanted (just please don’t record). Someone in the crowd yelled out they loved him and when he teasingly said “what?” they were silent and no one said a word, so I found my voice and yelled it out! Since I was 4 feet away from him he laughed and again asked “what?” so I yelled it again. And he said he loved hearing it so this could go on all night. He is a great entertainer. Besides having a voice that goes on forever – I love that he sounds the same in concert as he does on his albums – that’s pretty rare these days – he also loves to joke around and just keep people engaged. Even my husband who as we know doesn’t care for his music has a good time at these concerts and that’s saying a lot.

The only complaint I have is that this crowd was bor-ing! They clapped and a few people cheered but for the most part they were too subdued. Normally at the end of his concerts people will come up to the stage but no one did! He played 2 days before in Mississauga and they totally rushed the stage I heard! Lame. At the end of the encore as they stood and took a bow I got up and took a few pictures then as he began to walk off stage I yelled out his name and he turned around and came back and grabbed my hand which yah I’m totally geeking out right now I nearly swooned. Soft hands by the way. He said something about thanking me for coming and then left the stage. As the crew came on to start taking everything down I saw a guy bend down to the speakers in front of us so I casually asked if there was a set list and he tore it off and gave it to me. I think I learned about the set list from my ex. I owe him for that. I was on cloud 9 the rest of the night. I might still be.

Friday I woke up super tired but still giddy so it was all good. I got through my work day somehow and rushed home to wait for Keith. After he showered and changed we headed to the venue that was hosting the all you can eat LOBSTER. It was the 43rd year so they have it down to a science. They said they have never run out of lobster and this year was no different. I had THREE lobsters!! OMG they were SO good and my only regret is not having 4! Although I'm sure I might have busted if I had tried! It was a fun night and I am glad we had the chance to try something like that cause there's no way we'd pay $85 each to do this!

Saturday I didn't have time to come down to earth cause it was an absolute stunning day and Keith surprised me by taking me on a day trip. We drove the back country roads just enjoying the sunshine and each getting burned on one arm! We made several stops our last one being at a beach in Long Point that I've never been too. I put my feet in the water and yowza cold! Summer?

And that was that. We got home, had pizza for dinner watched a scary movie that freaked me out and then called it a night. Sunday was overcast and eventually rainy thus a perfect day to clean the house day.

Now back to reality. Time to find 'the next thing' to get excited about. It sure ain't my dentist and eye appointment tomorrow!

10:09 p.m. - 2014-06-09


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