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Vday recap

Okay this will be a short entry, my keyboard isn't working and typing this on my tablet is damn annoying.

We did make it to the Falls. I had to remind myself a few times we weren't on a schedule so calm down and enjoy the moment.

We went to few antique places and arrived at our hotel starving. We checked in but didn't go to our room first. We went out for dinner no lobster unfortunately due to a packed lot so went to our favorite local place. They had renovated,the place looked good,the menu went up a few dollars but the thing that got me is they now charge for a glass of water. Not bottle,glass. I was not happy. $1 a cup. Disgusting.

We made it back to our hotel around 8 and finally saw our room - no tub!!! I was crushed but Keith was fine. I stewed for less than a minute then went to the reception desk and got us an upgrade. Partial falls view with a jetted tub. We had to give up a king bed for 2 queens. I was ok with that as Mr party animal barely made it to 10. I had a long soak and then bed an hour later. I would have stayed up later but then I remembered it wasn't the weekend!

The next day we had our free breakfast then while Keith soaked I treadmilled then went for a swim before check out. Our drive home was nice and leisurely with a few stops along the way as well. All in all a very nice vday.

As for my 4 day weekend it went by in a flash but it was oh so nice. Gym. Shopping. Relaxing. It was all in there.

C didn't have a good weekend her pup hasn't been well. He had to be put down on Tuesday. She's a mess. This dog was her life. She lived and breathed for him, not the healthiest I know but he was her life and yes she's married!

But I get it. Her dog was tied to her mom who gave him to her before she died of cancer. All I can do is be there for C when she needs me

Alright this tablet typing is driving me crazy plus it's bedtime!

9:51 p.m. - 2018-02-21


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