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Working for the weekend

Back to living for the weekends! Vacay (play) time is over!

I did have a great last week off - the weather even co-operated - for the most part. My facial and massage were the pure bliss I had been hoping for. Getting stickers for the jeep didn't go quite so easily. Turns out it needed to be e-tested which we thought the dealer who sold it had done as you know he had actually written that on the sale of receipt! Luckily it's a free test and lucky for him it passed. No issues. But Keith and I spent a lot of our Wednesday dealing with that and we had been down to go out and have fun - we still did but just for not as long as we had thought.

My solo vacay went great. As usual I had reservations about going solo up until the minute I pulled out of the driveway. I always get that way. But once on the road I am a free bird! I crank my music, grab my coffee and just cruise down the highway. I made a few stops and just took my time and did what I want. I got to my motel and checked in and then within 10 minutes was at the beach with my chair and book!

There was an absolutely stunning sunset the first night. I took probably almost 50 pictures of the damn sunset - not even exaggerating. I couldn't stop. The next morning it was chilly when I got up so I wandered the main street and did a little shopping and walked the back roads to the coffee shop. By the time I made it back to my room it had warmed up quite a bit so I grabbed my beach chair and the rest of my gear and spent the next 3 hours or so on the beach. Finally around 2 the wind chased me back indoors - I had goosebumps! The weather had started to turn which was fine by me. I secretly love this type of weather it is my favourite - nice and warm during the day (not scorching) but chilly and cool at night - I love getting all snuggly in jeans and a hoody! That night I slept with the screen door window open and felt the cool breeze along with sounds of the crashing waves of the lake and slept great!

I came back Saturday and met up with C and we went to our Harry Potter event. Oy vey I feel bad C spent so much money! She bought my ticket for my b-day present. It was actually quite bad. But we sat with 2 people at our table that also found it bad and we couldn't stop laughing and joking around. Also they had the name of C's parents! It was weird.

It was a fun afternoon tho hanging out with C and we visited T for a bit at her store as well. I text Keith and headed home to have din with him. The next morning we both admitted how upset we were at my homecoming. I wanted excitement or at least happiness when I walked thru the door. Apparently he wanted to finish his movie! Plus he hadn't planned on having din with me and also admitted he wasn't the happiest that I went away by myself. Man oh man. But we talked it out and all is good.

Okay I had more to write but I am tired! I slept like crap last night. I managed to go back to the gym - finally - on Monday but then tonight I wasn't feeling it so instead I ate half a bad of doritos and read a book. But I got myself up and out the door for a short walk around the neighbourhood at least! Then I was nice and gassed up Keith's car as well as mine. I was back on time to call my parents and chat with them for a while. My dad tells me horror stories of one of the nurses at the hospital who is horrible with the needles and he normally bleeds when she yanks out the needles at the end of his dialysis. Man oh man it makes me fume and want to yank that woman by her hair and tell her to pay attention to her job. All the other nurses take the needles out slow so my dad DOESN'T BLEED OUT. Pissed.

Is it Friday yet?

9:50 p.m. - 2018-09-12


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