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Catching up on April!

I'm sorry and where did April go? Wow this month has just zoomed by. I mean for most of it I couldn't even tell you the date. But I did have a LOT of time off. I did not work one full week of April - maybe that was the difference? I guess May will tell me cause I am working the whole month of May - sigh.

BUT let's concentrate on the PRESENT. I am off this week and I am enjoying the hell out of it. I have made no major plans, I have not talked myself into any major projects and hell I have even given myself permission to skip the gym if that's how I feel. Keith has been taking up some major time but I'm not complaining. Although lately he has gone from going to bed by 6:30 to sometimes 8 or later. Not a huge deal except for that gym thang which thankfully I'm ignoring this week - but next week? He better get used to scratching his own back! Yah I'm a nice wife I do scratch his back at night.

So what's been going on? Easter happened. It was a busy weekend. On Good Friday I drove up to visit S to see a variety show that she and her friends put on. It was a really fun night. And I was sober! No booze at this event then at a friend's house for the after party I was still stone cold sober as I had no booze on me (back in my car at S' apartment bldg). So I chatted and laughed and watched other people get drunk and high and it was a fun night. We left around 1 and after talking for a bit I didn't go to sleep til almost 3. It was a rough night of no sleep as I slept on the couch and it was hella-hot in their apartment. Saturday morn I headed home and packed up the food and the stuffs and Keith and we hit the hwy. It was a nice Easter. We stayed with my younger brother for the last time as they are in the process of selling their house. We had very little sleep as the Easter bunny came quite early to 2 excited boys delight. Sunday Keith and I went to my dad's church service then he had Easter dinner with about 20+ family members. Then we hit the hwy back to home!

Oh I did not mention that since my last entry my parents moved! Not only did they move but I was the only one to help them do so! Sort of. My parents DID hire movers but they had a kitchen that was not even touched and many many boxes they moved themselves. My dad has a heart condition and diabetes my mom has a bad knee that she is waiting for a knee replacement surgery on but not once did either complain. So I stepped up and tried to work triple time so both would not carry heavy things or make too many trips. They were both very thankful (seriously they would not stop thanking me) and it was a very long and tiring few days but I would do it 100 times over. Speaking of which.....

During this move they told me they had an interview at the building for seniors that they really wanted to move to. The interview was on the day of their move. And yes they got the apartment! They move in July 1st. So yes another move!! BUT credit to my parents they are downsizing like it is their full time job right now. My older brother brought all their stuff he had been storing for them and my parents are going thru 50 years of their life together and brutally getting rid of stuff. I am so proud of them. I know how hard it is on them. But they will be moving to a 1 bedroom apartment with zero storage. They even sold their car (they still have the minivan). They are not too keen on telling their landlords which I understand but I also have a dislike for them even tho I have only met the man. They made my parents jump thru hoops to get this place and it's not all it's cracked up to be. I also did not like the fact that my parents were now living 10 minutes outside the city - near very busy highway roads. My dad's driving sometimes scares me. I just want them within city limits and living 2 minutes from the hospital where he gets dialysis, it will put my mind at ease.

So yah another move in July. The day I got back home I sent my siblings and their spouses a message asking them all to keep that weekend open and explained how hard it was on myself and parents to do this move. Nobody knew it would be that hard so I"m not mad and it was only by chance I had taken those days of and thought to ask if they would like me to help.....maybe unpack a few boxes etc not be a work horse for 2 days straight. But like I said I would do it a 100x over, those 2 mean the world to me.

I felt bad because Keith's sister invited us all for Easter dinner on the Saturday of the long weekend but she only asked us like a a few days before the weekend. How do you tell a person our weekends book up fast without sounding doochie about it? We may try and go for a visit this weekend but even Keith doesn't know about that yet. His dad called tonight after Keith was in bed and we spoke for a bit. He has an envelope for us. He wanted to give some money to all his children as some of his kids are in financial need and he wanted to be fair so he's giving everyone some. He wanted to mail it or asked if we were coming up. Of course I told him we would come for a visit! I do feel bad about how little we see him and Keith's side of the family esp since his mom passed away. I really wish he could find a hobby or friends to help keep him occupied and happy. He is doing so much better since getting out of the hospital but I know boredom leads him to drink but he refuses to get involved in anything. It makes my heart hurt thinking about it.

Alright I should hit the hay. I have a habit of staying up late. It's normally midnight or later all this week. I am trying desperately to get 8 hours of sleep but even being on vacay this week it's not happening! Yesterday I got a call at 7am for visa fraud! The call was the fraud and I was so tired and angry I just hung up on the call (I later called my bank to make sure all was ok and they told me they never call before 9am). This morning I was up a little after 7 because they decided to do roadwork right beside our house and this is apparently the time they start! So yay.

Tomorrow I have a hair appointment in the morning getting a couple inches chopped off then swimming with T tomorrow night. Friday I have a massage in the morning and nothing planned the rest of the day - yessssssss! Saturday C, T and I are meeting at C's for dinner then we are taking T out for her birthday - archery! T wanted a gun range but those places are flippin pricy so C and I decided it would be for her 40th in a couple years!

Alright enough rambling for now. Bed! And if Neeks is reading this I found the whole life story thing pretty darn interesting and if you don't continue it in D land I hope you do somewhere else. You have inspired me! I need to do something like that. I also think it will start a conversation with my parents who thankfully are still here to help me fill in the gaps!

10:39 p.m. - 2019-04-24


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