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Vacation and "free" landscaping

I got extra bonus time away from 'the job' when I tried to set up my new laptop but had major issues - let's just say your grandmother is probably more techy than me. I waited til Keith got home from work around 1pm on Tuesday then had him finish what I started. I then called help desk and they continued to set me up. When all was said and done it was already time to log off and call it a day - so yay!

Wednesday I logged in and began to get ready to work when I realized the program I use to actually work - my payment program that pays the people the monies - was not there. You guessed it - another call to help desk. The guy had no clue and escalated my issue and said I would get a call. Fast forward to 2pm with my manager reaching out to be wtf any word yet? I may be paraphrasing. I said nope. She escalated the issue. I then had to call help desk and this guy fixed the problem in 10 minutes. That made me laugh. So I technically worked from 3 to 4 pm - for reals. It was fun while it lasted!

Thursday I put in a full day. Sort of. I spent a lot of time avoiding phones so I could clear my backlog of work that had sat in my queues. That evening I went out to meet 2 of my co-workers who are now friends for a walk. I thought it was a casual stroll more chat than walk - oh no these ladies were laced up and wearing their sporty gear. Oops. But we did have a great walk despite my blistered toe, the many mosquito bites and a tiny bit of getting lost while joking about being murdered. We all have the same sense of humour so that was great.

Friday while working there was a knock at my front door, it was a contractor from next door. They were ripping up my neighours driveway and our bird bush as we call it hangs over their driveway - it's huge and annoying. He offered to remove it for free. I called Keith and we decided to just do it. Well that turned into a whole thing.

He removed it while tearing up other parts of our lawn and driving over our little trees that we planted last year and are not the healthiest. Then he also said right before he was tearing it out that I would be responsible for disposing of it. Um what now? I should have called a halt to it then but I was too polite and just went with it.

This morning we have the remnants of said bush strewn across our lawn and this huge root. The guy drove up in his cadillac as he was checking on other things and Keith went out to speak with him. A few minutes later I saw fingers be pointed and voices escalating and I ran out in my bare feet. I played good cop and somehow in the end the guy agreed to remove all of the bush not just the stump. Thank goodness!! It was going to be a lot of work to bag and bind all that. Plus we're leaving on Monday so we couldn't just leave it lying on our front lawn.

We later found out the neighours lost their cable so he must have accidentally cut thru it when he was working yesterday. Aye yai yai.

Keith was in a pretty foul mood while we were running our errands and he was getting on my nerves and bringing down my mood so I had to tell him to quit it or else. He eventually pulled out of it and we got all our running around done and got us some lunch. Now it's just time to pull it all together and make sure we pack up our whole house to go camping - ha.

Speaking of which time to end this break and get back to work - I mean "packing". Getting ready for a week of camping is exhausting. I also found out our meals for the rest of the weekend will all be outsourced lol as we have decided we don't feel like cooking this weekend. Well technically we are officially on vacation!

4:22 p.m. - 2021-08-07


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