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It's all about the presents

Another day, another dollar. Not like I've earned any of the money I made today. I've done nada. The boss is away so - yah this is what I'm doing. I'm tired. No attempted break-ins or anything dramatic. For the first time in months I watched ER and cried like a frickin baby. Anthony Edwards character Mark died on the show - man you would have thought someone in my family had died - that's how hard I was crying! I gotta ease up on these shows. I taped Survivor last night since I had a zillion presents to buy for all these people in the crazy month of May. I bought about two. Four hours of shopping and two - two gifts! Tonight is the dash and grab kind of shopping since I'm heading to my parents this weekend and desperately need a Mother's Day Gift and when I come back late Sunday night I won't have time to shop for my boy's b-day on Monday so I have to get him some more stuff too. And this guy is impossible to buy for. Oh he has lots of ideas - lots of expensive ideas! He wants a guitar! A guitar! Like I'm gonna go to a pawn shop and just pick up any ol' guitar - um no! Oh and anything Foo Fighters. This guy is obsessed with Foo Fighters - big time. He has every 'single' they have ever made - now that's just insane. And somehow he thinks I'm going to walk into a store and get him something Foo Fighters that he doesn't have! This..this is the pressure I'm under here! Oh and if he can't get a guitar he'd like a Leafs jersey...but not the cheep the nice expensive one with the name 'sewed' on. Jeez - men! I'm the type of person who will ask for a cd or maybe a movie cause I don't want people to spend too much on me - obviously we're opposites when it comes to gift receiving. For x-mas we had this whole 'episode'. I got him a lot of thoughtful gifts - I made him an album, got a personalized mouse pad made etc. and he.....well he got me singles of my favourite singer. And...I'm not a singles person. I get the album and I'm happy. I don't need a single that was released in the UK or wherever. I buy the cd...listen to the music and I'm happy. He was pretty much devestated when he saw I didn't go over the moon for the gift. I didn't dis it or anything in fact I told him that I appreciated it just because he gave it to me and all that other mushy stuff. But yah - we're still working on the gift giving thing in this relationship. Keep your fingers crossed I'll find something 'worthy' for him tonight. Oh yah - my tiredness. I went to bed at 11 but then my guy came over to spend the night after he got off work at 12:30. This is new for us. He used to live right down the road from work but now he lives a half hour bus ride away - big difference. So now he stays over more often if he has to go to work early in the morning - which is nice. At first we had the whole 'bed hogging issues' but now it's comforting to have him beside me. I was thisclose to keeping who got kicked off Survivor last night a secret from myself. I didn't listen to the radio or read the paper or talk to my friends about it...up until half an hour ago when my co-worker C and I were in the elevator and she said, "So the General is gone now eh". At first I thought she was on crack. The who? Then it hit me, Survivor! Ah well, now I won't have the whole yelling at the T.V. thing going on when I watch it...and I can watch and see how the producers mislead you into thinking who will get kicked off -that should be fun. Alright almost time for lunch. Today's my best friend's b-day. We're doing the lunch thang. I bought some cinnabon's for dessert. They won't be as good since they're not heated up but damn I'm sure they'll taste quite fine. I don't need the calories. But hey who ever does? Cheers.

12:34 a.m. - 2002-05-10


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