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Finding good journals

I love reading journals. I do. I guess it's like getting a glimps of someone else's life. You get to hear about their day, find out what makes them tick, sometimes laugh out loud at their stories. I like reading the journals where people will tell it like it is. They won't always mention their rosy world and how great everything is. If they're having a bad day they write about it. I like that. I like to know other peoples worlds aren't perfect. But at the same time I don't just want to read about how someone's life is so bad. That's just to depressing. I spent a few hours last Sunday just reading through journals..well actually I was trying to find ones that I would want to read on a regular basis. Do you know how many I found? None. None of them interested me. A lot were by younger people who were in high school etc that I just couldn't relate to. I used the search mode to look for 'canadian' ones. I found I could relate to where they lived but not their lives...again not interesting. It's not that I have to relate to what's going on people's lives - that would just be creepy. But I like hearing about what people do for a living (even in generic terms), how their relationships are going etc. Grown up issues if you will.

Well enough about other people's journals! My nose is sore. I got punched. Alright I made that up! It's just the dry air has so dried out my nose and it bleeds every so often for no reason. I keep reminding myself to clean out my humidifier and start using it at night..but yah that would take energy and time. Every night I seem to go to bed around 11:30 or 12. I get this second wind around 10 or so. Last night J went to bed at 10:00 I stayed up and watched a soap I had taped and then felt guilty for not getting to the gym (I did overtime at work) so I popped in my new pilates tape and got myself into a sweat. I did feel a lot better for doing it. I've walked at lunch every day this weeks and it feels so good to do that. It helps getting away from the office for a little while. Today I'm gonna shorten my walk and stop and do some shopping for some b-days coming up. Man I so get off buying presents for people. And not expensive presents either. I like to buy unique, cheep presents. I like to put myself in other people's shoes and try to imagine whether they'll like my gift or not. That was part of the reason I got so bummed after my b-day this year. I got sorta crappy presents. I feel bad saying that! But it's true. It was dollar store stuff -from my family! And not cute dollar store stuff but stuff I wouldn't buy myself or anyone else. My brother and sister in law have burned me before (someday I'll tell the pj story) but they're two working proffesionals with 2 young kids (free daycare!) and they're doing well. I don't expect an expensive gift just...not running to Dollarama and grabbing the first 5 items that I might find "cute". Yah I thought I was over the bitterness - guess not. This month is my sister in laws b-day and I have no clue what to get her. Last year it was a $20 chapers gift certificate with an expensive book mark. I'm not trying to be mean. I just don't think it's fair to give people really nice, thoughtful gifts when they can't or won't do the same. So that's my internal struggle. I'll try to let you know what I get. My niece and nephew on the other hand - I'll spoil them rotten! I'm the best aunt on earth! Speaking of b-days I found the card my parents gave me for my b-day with $28 in it (how old I turned). The $20 and $5 I can use the $2 and the $1 are paper money (not a loonie and toonie) so I have to save those. But now that the money's been sitting there I feel I have to spend it on something good. Not groceries, not gas definately not food. Of course I still have the $20 graduation money they gave me to for the same reason. Although I honestly didn't know I had that until a few months ago when I found it amongst some papers I had! Yah I know I'm weird. Alright I've just wasted half of my lunch hour - I need fresh air damnit. I'm outta here.

1:05 p.m. - 2002-10-10


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