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The weekend

So here I sit on Monday afternoon back at reception. Man, this diary is going to be about my work soon. Everything was fine and dandy this morning until 9:45 this morning when the receptionist called and asked if I could cover cause her daughter was sick. So here I am. I wasn't the happiest but I managed to get a solid half hour this morning to do my own work so that was a big help. J started his new job today. It's in a mall. I think the store sells sport jersey's etc. I really hope it's going well. I expected to hear from him by now. He was going to call and let me know when he gets off so I can pick him up. I'm going to take him back to my place and feed him the pot roast I have cooking in my crock pot as we speak. I was inspired this weekend to start cooking 'real' meals again. Cooking for one is a bummer. J is pretty picky too so that doesn't help. I love stir fry's but he hates them.

Anywho, I'm sitting here trying to drink my timmy's coffee. I have the beginnings of a sore throat. Which I must admit I deserve. J and my brother were sick last week and I sort of lectured them about eating right, taking vitamins etc. and I told them that's why I was still healthy. It's all about karma baby. But to my defense J and I were doing some major saliva swapping this weekend, I guess that didn't really help.

I wonder if knee highs can do damage to your legs. Maybe my calfs are getting fatter but I find the more expensive ,nicer if you will, knee highs tend to cut off the circultation and you have this nice red mark around your leg for hours after you take them off. Could just be me though.

Didn't do to much this weekend, finally got around to seeing Eminem's movie, 8 mile. It was okay, nothing to write home about. I'm glad it was a matinee and not full price. The movies were crazy. There was only one machine working. There was a HUGE lineup to get tickets. A lot of the kids movies were sold out so there were also a lot of crying kids around. We did our popcorn trick but they're catching on to us. They're getting smart, now you're only allowed one re-fill of pop and/or popcorn. Luckily we had a dull kid who didn't notice we had already had our re-fill. So all 3 of us got our own bag of popcorn - albeit 2 of us had it in sobey bag's...he he he.

Yah so my throat still hurts.

I spent loads of money yesterday. I bought a pair of nike's for $60 so it wasn't all that bad. Gotta love outlet stores. I ended up spending around $50 in other stores. All on myself of course. But I made up for that today. I went to the Sears outlet and got 2 x-mas presents - go me! I really want to avoid the malls during the busy hours. I like going in the evenings during the week. Finding the time is another story...but whatever saves my sanity.

I'm itching to put up my x-mas decorations. I'm trying to hold off until December. I told myself that I have to clean the clutter out of my living room before I'll allow for the decorations to go up. But I don't really listen to myself that often. Life wouldn't be as fun if I did...

2:08 p.m. - 2002-11-25


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