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Almost time to leave - for the day! Yah it should be like this every Friday. So far my trip to London with C is still on. Even though the weather isn't the greatest. It snowed last night and it's been snowing on and off all day. They say it's supposed to turn to rain this afternoon and go to a high of 3, that's cool as long as it doesn't freeze over while we're driving there! A whole night with just C and I. It should be fine. We get along well enough and neither of us pulls hissy fits. She can get in her moods but for the most part I'm sure we'll be laughing a lot. Let's cross our fingers.

I've just been catching up on my journal reading. One of the girls I read has been counting down the days until she gets married in mid-November. She's now a married woman. It's weird how I can feel happy for a person I've never even met, who doesn't even know I exist. I've read her journal for a few months now and she's a pretty entertaining gal.

Speaking of journals. I sometimes feel I should be spilling my guts on mine. I read other peoples and they either gush how they're happy or go on about how sad they are. Not in a bad way - but a human way. I find my journal to be pretty bland. I'm not really writing to anyone except myself but I like to pretend that maybe someday someone will read this and find it kind of the very least they won't read 2 lines and declare me pathetic. Okay this is coming out wrong - I don't want or need unknown people to find me amusing. But it would be nice. I just want to be able to write and be able to keep someone's attention long enough to finish the entry. But maybe it's just me. I am for some unknown reason fascintated about other people's lives. Even if they just write they're day to day ongoings - it's still interesting to me. I like to write. I started writing a romance novel years ago and occasionally I'll go back to it - mostly I just start re-reading it and I before I know it I get caught up in the actual story! Although I am biased. But someday I would love to finish that book. I have dreams of first off getting a computer - a basic word processor is all I need. And having the time or heck making the time to sit down and finish the few remaining chapters that the book needs to be complete. Even if it never gets published at least I can go back and read it from time to time....

Off to London I go. ciao.

12:58 p.m. - 2002-11-29


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