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The many shades of boredom

I'm bored. And it's not even like I have piles of paper surrounding my desk and I just don't want to work. I have no work. Oh sure I could go and 'find' work but...nah. I'd rather sit here and bitch about how bored I am. Or at least will the clock ahead a few hours until lunch. Oh wait phones are busy. ----

Well that took a minute of my time. I think it would help if I had more energy. I'm sloth like right now. I would love to curl up on my bed and read until my eyes get droopy and then roll over and have a little nap. But I think my boss would have a problem with that. So I'm figuring the vigorous exercise I do in the evenings probably doesn't help my sleep quota. When I get home from the gym I get my second wind and end up staying up till around midnight. And it's not like I do anything productive either. Well last night I did. I finally got around to mopping my floors. When all was said and done it doesn't take that long, it's just the prep work - moving everything off the floor, sweeping it a few times and then filling the bucket with water yada yada yada. But I was glad I finally did it. And to keep the momentum of cleaning going, this morning I made 3 trips down 2 flights of stairs with stuff for Good Will that was just sitting in front of the door of my apartment. I'm gonna go at lunchtime and drop it off. Makes the place a bit roomier. I must be gearing up for the first day of spring -which is the 21st - I just checked my calendar.

Have I mentioned I'm bored? I could be answering phones but I'm just being a bitch. There's a telephone tech on phones right now but she likes to wander. She'll put her phone on not ready and go off somewhere - this happens 50 times a day. No one likes to answer phones but when it's your only job you kind of have to do it. She's leaving at the end of the month. She wanted to leave sooner but we need her - but she worked around that - she put in for vacation next week - and got it. Ah well if we weren't short staffed I'd be worried.

Yah so really there's nothing to report. Different day same crap. Normally I'd have something to say about life sucking or being too boring. But I started off the day reading a file about a 29 year old man who was killed in a MVA. It makes you think about life and how short it can be. Depressing. But it makes you think about everything we take for granted.

Enough heavy stuff. It doesn't even feel like I bought a new car. It's like it's a dream. Probably cause I'm not talking about it to anyone. I still want to surprise my friends this weekend. So far only C knows.

I went to my Kardio Knockout class last night. I would have got a better workout if the instructor knew what she was doing. Seriously this woman was all over the place and she kept asking us what foot she was supposed to be on. There was a lot of people randomly kicking and punching in all directions. It's amazing we walked out of there with our teeth still intact. Sigh - it's hard to get a quality work out these days.

Alright I think I'll go and track down some work to do - this is getting ridiculous. I was trying to avoid surfing the web but it may be my last option : )

Now I get it - today's Hump day. I'm still a day behind cause of having Monday off. Now it makes sense why I'm bored!

My contacts are drying out...I blame that on being bored too...and maybe the dry air in the office. I'm gonna go take a walk to the mailbox and wake myself up. Let's hope tommorow is way more exciting than today.

11:20 a.m. - 2003-03-11


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