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Try to keep quiet and blend in when the false nails you are wearing make it sound like a mad typist is in the room sitting right next to you wherever you are. I am so growing attached to these false nails. The first couple of hours was hard to get use to (and sore) but after that it was all good. Of course I wouldn't consider doing this all the time, I heard the havoc they play with your real nails. But I would consider getting them for another special occasion.

Yah, so the wedding went exceptionally well. It was a rainy day but oddly enough it still was perfect. The bride had jitters all day and I came close to smacking her a few times but managed to contain myself. It didn't help that the bridesmaid was totally excited and I had to keep them both under control. But it all came together and I only had 2 nervous moments. The first was right before I walked down the aisle - always a nerve racking moment. And the second was right before I had to give my speech. But apparently my speech was a hit and I got a lot of compliments - I'm kind of scared to watch the video of it - I know my voice was quivering the whole time and it probably sounded like I was going to cry - which I probably was since I hate giving speeches of any kind. But yah I got through it. The rest of the reception was pretty uneventful but in a good way. It pretty much ended at midnight. Yah the bride and groom were tired - they've been together for 10 years - give them a break. So I drove home and took 47 bobby pins out of my hair and then washed my hair several times before it felt like all the hair spray was out of it. Then I soaked my feet in my foot thingy - pure bliss. I crawled into bed around 2am and woke up around 10am kind of depressed. Post wedding blues I guess. I also woke up with a charly horse - thanks killer shoes! I got up and went to Wendy's for lunch. I ate my lunch in my car and sat there for like an hour afterwards and just thought about life and all that deep stuff I try and avoid. I didn't come up with any answers but it's good to at least think about these things once in a while. After that I shopped - I bought dark blinds for my bedroom - finally! And some spray paint for some wicker for my bathroom. Then I went over to Keith's. I was in a bit of a bad mood (nothing he could really tell) but after being with him I realized I felt good. It was a short night cause I had to get up early (commuting all week - ack). Last night I went over and his back was bad so I did the dishes (how domestic of me)I think he liked that. I didn't mind since he always feeds me and never asks me to do anything. I stayed way to late last night so I'm a tad tired this morning. Tonight we're supposed to play You don't know Jack so I'm looking forward to doing normal things with him, besides sitting and listening to music. Which we did last night but that was fine cause it was the music he downloaded for me. Oh he also took my picture on his web cam to send to his friends - I wasn't to thrilled about that!

Okay back to training I go!

12:25 p.m. - 2003-06-03


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