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A loop hole???

Shhhhhh....don't tell anyone but somehow I am writing this entry from work. Yes, the same work that has denied me access to this site. I have no idea how I'm able to do this. I went in through my hotmail site and somehow, someway I'm able to post an entry. I just hope this is not some freak occurence and that I can really get around it this way and post entries from work!

I just read my recent entries to see how bad it's gonna be if/when Keith finds this site. Not to brutal. At least I think it's not to bad but somehow guys always have a way of focusing on one bad thing instead of the hundred and one good things you say about them! Pheh - men!

Speaking of which I was such a total be-atch last night! Keith and I played Othello (boardgame) and I won! Of course he had never played before so as soon as he saw the strategy of it he won the second game. Then we played monopoly and within 45 minutes I was bankrupt and the game was over. Man was I sore! I am THE worst loser. I totally am not good at losing. It's not like I win all the time but to get skunked is just so friggin' annoying. It didn't help that Keith is rather smug when he's winning. I swear if I was a violent gal I would have smacked him! Luckily for us both I'm not violent but I do get pissy about it all. So lucky for him I was not my nice cheerful self. Then as I was dropping him off I started thinking that maybe he would get bored with dating a girl who is obviously not as smart as he is. He is one smart dude. He seems to know everything. I don't. I started worrying that maybe he would want to find someone more on his level. He asked me if anything was wrong but I really didn't want to lay all this on him especially since I knew my emotions were rather high from being tired and from being pissy about losing. So I just kissed him goodbye and told him I'd see him Tuesday (he works both jobs today). I bet he's getting a little tired of my cranky moods - but if you love me (like he says he does) you have to love me for better or for worse. I guess it's a test - unintentional at that! Besides that lovely little snarl the rest of the weekend was good.

Well I guess I'll go and post this and cross my fingers that this loop hole I found won't vanish!

2:51 p.m. - 2003-07-21


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