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Woohoo - access granted! I think....

Okay for some odd reason...I now have access to this site from my work computer. I was telling Keith about my 'loop hole' and he found that odd and asked if I tried logging on the regular way. I hadn't. I just did. I now have access. Which hey is bizzare in it's own right. What is up with that? Ah well I guess I won't try and figure it out, I'll just enjoy having access again.

Yah so yesterday was a pretty good day. I went to the gym yesterday and did a step class and during it I lost concentration and was a little to close to the edge and totally fell off - as in sprawled all over the floor. That's the second time I did that at this gym! They're gonna start thinking I come there drunk or something. I hopped up like a flash and proceeded with the class, I was a bit sore in my wrists, back and one knee but I'm a trooper so I finished the class. Today my lower back is killing me. No gym for me tonight : ( Yah like I'm really sad about that! Not. After the gym I went over to Keith's and woke him up and we ended up laying there lounging around for like 2 hours! It was just so fun. He was so comfy. We were gonna try and see a movie but it just never happened. Instead after the huge meal he made me we layed around some more (us lazy?!). I was thisclose to telling him the name of my diary here. In case he found it I ended up telling him some of the things that I didn't want him to find out by reading (ie the whole J thing, my one night stand etc). He took it all pretty good - which is nice for once. Not to have a man flip out about your past. Ah mature relationships! Part of me wants him to read this and the other doesn't. For obvious reasons. HOw can I write about him if he's reading it. Plus he's reading all of my intimate thoughts - especially concerning when we first met and what I thought and felt about him - he would have an unfair advantage - not cool. So yah he said last night he was going to 'look for it' he had a few hints to work with. I was to tired when I left his place to really care if he found it. Of course when I woke up this morning it was a whole different ball game. I was imaging the worst. You know coming in to find an email calling me a crazy whore or something like that. Instead I came in to an email from him telling me he spent all night playing a game on the computer and has lost interest in finding my diary and reading it - yes!

That was weird - I just stood up to stretch - you know to keep myself awake at work and when I sat back down I totally had those little starry things happening. It wasn't a sudden movement but weird none the less.

Oops boss just came over. Better go and do some work. It's great to have access to my diary again. Ahhhhh.

9:35 a.m. - 2003-07-22


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