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A not so bad Monday

By all accounts today should be a crap-o-la day. It's Monday (ick), it's raining cats and dogs (nuff said) and work is driving me nuts (did I mention I wrote my boss' cultural assessment - aka performance review - and it was BAD). Yah. But oddly enough today is not sucking. Maybe it's cause I started my day with a phone call from the boy who called to tell me it's gonna rain sometime later today and I should bring my umbrella...practical yet oddly sweet -it doesn't take much for me I tell ya). Maybe it's cause I spent my lunch hour reading journals and the one I'm currently reading made me smile. I'm such a geek when it comes to other peoples journals - if I find one that interests me then I get this compulsion to start at the beginning - to find out what happened "up to this point". This way I also get the 'inside joke' when they mention people or things. Crazy I know. But that's moi. Okay back to why I'm not in a bad mood. Let's see. I bought a chocolate bar at lunch and it was goood. It's not like I haven't had chocolate in a long time..heh not even close...but it was just nice to sit and munch on a kitkat while reading journals. Also I haven't checked my hotmail account in a few days and it was so cool to go there and find a note from WhoVillian wishing me a Happy B-day - that rocked. Although to be totally honest I did open my hotmail account at the end of the day on Friday but it still made me smile when I remembered it today. I did mention it's the small things that make me happy right? And that I'm crazy? I did? Good. Cause I am. :)

Oh wait I just remembered another reason why I "don't have a case of the Monday's" - (from the movie Office Space if anyone cares) - I only have a 3 day work week - woo! That's cause on Thursday I'm going to see Michael Bolton in concert. 4th row...4th seat...guess what my favourite number is? 4! And the spooky thing is, it's always been my favourite number!

Okay enough of that. Let's see if there's anything to tell about my weekend. Nothing crazy exciting happened. On Friday I left work plenty early to get to my massage appointment and I was 15 minutes late for a half hour appointment. But being the awesome masseuse she is, my girl Christy, gave me my full half hour. I think she only had one appt. after me so it wasn't too bad. But all the same it was a cool thing for her to do since their policy is if you arrive late your appointment still ends the same time. So there was that. Then I went to Zellers and returned all my b-day clothes...sooo not my style...but I love my family for trying. I now have a gift card with a fair amount of cash on it so that's cool. Then I stopped and filled my pig of a car with gas and then I finally got my little 'check tire pressure' light to go off. It's been on for over a week cause it was being stubborn and I had run out of patience trying to get it off. But finally with some coaxing and some quiet talk I got it off. My car is once again my baby. Although I would love it if the display on my radio would work all the day rather than when it wants to but eh everything can't be rosy.

* oh I have another reason to not be grumpy..I just hit a button by accident and lost this entire entry...then I hit the undo button...thank God for the 'undo' button...*

Okay back to Friday. Let's see I got home did some putzing around, made some dinner and then watched my tape of Paradise Hotel and then went to pick up my man from work. He was being a bit wonky (read sarcastic) he got the idea after a while that I wasn't all that pleased with his attitude and toned it down. I was in a mellow quiet mood. At eleven we laid down on his bed before he had to go to his second job at midnight and I promptly fell asleep. I was tired. I awoke and drove him to work and then headed home and stayed up till 3. At 6am I felt his cool skin against my sleepy warm skin and snuggled into his arms as he curled around me ready to sleep. As for Saturday let's just say that we did a whole lot of stuff that didn't have us leaving my apartment or my bed until 5 that afternoon. That night was supposed to be my b-day party but since I had the surprise one, my friends were just supposed to come over and drink. T showed up...for an hour and then had to go meet her man who apparently didn't want to come over and drink so whatever. Then S and her boy who were in Toronto ended up meeting up with people and didn't make it. So that left my brother and Keith. The 3 of us ate, drank and played some games - it was fun. Besides myself my brother is the funniest person I know. Sunday was pretty much toast. We didn't leave Keith's apt. till 2 when we went and grabbed some lunch. Then after dropping my brother off (with left over cheesecake and watermelon) we went back to my place and had a little activity (heh) and then laid down. Bad of us I know - especially with a belly full of food. We finally got up around 7 and went for a short walk - Keith picked the destination and I figured out why he was so keen to walk when an hour before he wasn't all that excited about it. Let's just say we came home with a new dvd that's not intended for children's course that didn't stop me from watching it...heh.

After we tired ourselves out, Keith had a nap while I channel surfed and then I woke him up and took him to work where I promptly came back home and crashed into bed. Ahhh sleep. So there's my weekend, in not such a small nutshell. My weekend wasn't all that but it just so happens I was in a 'wordy' mood today - who knew?

Now...if only it would stop raining for my walk home AND I actually have the energy to go to the gym after work AND Keith makes that lovely roast dinner he promised this morning it will definately have been THE best Monday ever!

2:36 p.m. - 2003-09-22


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