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Wow - 6 months have flown by!

The sun is shining, the morning has sped by during my stint here in reception...I'm in a good mood. Although it may have something to do with seeing my boy first thing this morning. I picked him up and dropped him off at his chiro appt. this morning. He said I looked purdy. He's so sweet. Cause yah I wasn't feeling purdy. I didn't really like the outfit I had chosen...not that he could really see it under my coat and my face is starting to break out...gotta love when aunt flo comes to visit and wreaks havoc with your whole body.

Yah so I'm having a good day thus far. Which trust me is the opposite of what I thought it would be as I rushed out the door this morning after having 20 minutes from the moment I got up to the moment I got in my car. Pretty speedy if I do say so myself. I was having some weird ass dreams so I'm glad I woke up. In one I was on the run with a baby, who was about a year old. I'm pretty sure I didn't kidnap the kid. I just remember at one point watching the kid eat spaghetti and thinking that maybe I should have cut it up first. But I was running from some unfriendly looking guys who were eyeing the SUV I was driving (I thought that was cool - woo and SUV!). My other dream had to do with my younger brother. I dreamt that he went on a trip with me and a few of my friends and then I found out that he didn't tell my parents and they were frantic and worried about him but he didn't care. It was very bizzare cause that's so not my brother. I was crying in my dream trying to get him to call our parents. Man dreams are screwy.

Anyway, I had a good night last night. Yesterday was mine and Keith's 6 month anniversary. We weren't making a big deal out of it but it was nice to acknowledge that little milestone. I personally plan on being with him forever so hey we can celebrate as much as we's all good.

Yah so last night Keith was going to make something yummy but by the time he woke up and got going he realized he didn't have a lot of time to shop and chop and cook so instead he made me get back in the car and drive to one of my favourite restaurants of all time "Swiss Chalet". I am a nut for this place. I think it's something to do with their dipping sauce. Mmmmm I could eat bowls of that... ahem..which I did cause Keith didn't really eat his...more for me. Then I had the willpower to say no to dessert but my loverly boyfriend ordered a sinful dessert and then mocked me the whole time that I shared it with him - yes the support I get from him is wonderful. :)

Afterwards we waddled back to the car and went back to my place. I collected my mail and found out I had a parcel to be picked up so we went back on the road again to pick up my parcel and to buy a battery for my smoke detector (my building is doing their annual check on the alarms and you can apparently get a fine if you tamper with it). Of course I always leave the battery out cause no matter what I'm cooking the alarm starts to beep - apparently it hates any excessive heat in the apartment. Normally I keep the battery on the shelf but it had disappeared. After we picked up my pkg we went back to my place and I opened my box of over priced goodies. I must have been in shopping mode when I bought this stuff - cause yah I could do without most of the stuff....although I did get a pair of cute ladybug slippers for free (heh...they say that but you end up buying so much stuff it's not really that free). But most of the stuff was for x-mas presents so it wasn't all that bad. We watched the tube for a while and then retreated to the'll just have to use your imagination for what happened next cause it's pretty much x-rated. But we did have the orange lava lamp going so that was neat. At around 11:30 my boy slipped away and left me -to go to work...dratted work. But it was a very good night.

Tonight is Survivor night...woo. Watching Survivor has come second to just having my friends over and eating a kick ass meal prepared by Keith. Somehow he's taken over the cooking duties. I think he doesn't mind. Everyone loves what he makes so we're not complaining. Although I do tell him that he doesn't have to go so all-out all the time we can be a simple in general makes us happy. I have to go home at lunch and pick up the place a little. Shovel a pathway through my livingroom. I swear one of these days I will not live in clutter... *snort*... yah one of these days.

So I'm going through scenarios these days in my head to try and figure out a way to tell my parents that Keith and I are moving in together. I can never get farther than my saying the words. No matter how I phrase it, all I can see is their stricken faces staring back at me. As the date gets closer to our timeline about me moving in the anxiety is starting to build more and more. I'm thinking of maybe sending Keith in to do all the talking (what about it honey?). He's the one who thinks my parents will accept this - I mean I've only been their daughter for 29 years, and listen to them have endless conversations about how society has gone so down hill and how terrible it is that people live in sin and no longer get married...I mean what would I know about how they're going to react?! Yes! That's it! I will make Keith tell them! Start preparing your speech baby...oh and not at x-mas...cause that would not be a good x-mas memory to remember for years to come. Maybe after x-mas that way you're still guaranteed to be in their good graces and get presents. Just a suggestion.

Well it's almost time for my lunch hour I must go figure out something quick and not artery clogging to eat for lunch in between madly cleaning my place to have it presentable for company. I won't be at reception this afternoon so I'll actually be busy and back to my stressed out self. The good times never end. Happy 6 month anniversary honey!

11:58 a.m. - 2003-11-20


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