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My Boss is an Ass Muncher

What an ass day yesterday was. Oh sure I was all upbeat when I posted my entry but let me tell you the afternoon went down hill. I won't go into details cause I said I wasn't going to write about bad days at work yesterday. But I will write about the effect it had on me. Let me start by saying my boss is an ass-muncher. I've had the same boss since I've started here and over the 4 years or so I've been here I've noticed a big difference in how she manages. Lately she's taken to totally contradicting herself and at times even makes shit up. Mostly to cover her own ass. That's the only plausible excuse cause the only other reason I can think of is she really wants to piss her staff off. So whatever, yesterday we have a little discussion. Her and I. It didn't go well. I'm to start a new duty that I've apparently supposed to have been doing for the last 2 years. Okay. I've been doing this particular job for about 3 years. I'm not a moron. She made me feel like a moron. I hate her. That's pretty simple. So for the last half hour I'm at work I'm going through all my shit on my desk and on my computer to find an old work schedule that would show her I'm not brain dead and I was never supposed to be doing this function. I can't find it. You see whenever I move desks, I purge old documents. I delete old schedules from the computer as I make new ones. So now I can't walk into her office throw the piece of paper on her desk and call her a stupid ass bitch and walk out. I leave work steaming. I am fuming. I am frustrated. I drive to the gym. Release the frustration that's what I need. I park in the lot. Sit there in my car. I want to hit something. I want to cry. I want to never go to work again and face this stupid bitch. So I sit there and have a cry. I'm in no shape to go in the gym. Oh yah along the way to the gym I let out a an ear splitting scream cause I am so filled with hate for my manager. My throat hurts more and I'm now all snotty and tired from crying. I want to go home and hide in my apartment. Instead I drive over to Keith's. I let myself in, he was still sleeping. I went and turned on the tv. I didn't want to wake him and I didn't want to talk about my day. I was sick of talking about it. And really how much bitching can one person listen to? Plus, really, unless you're walking in someone's shoes, or hell even did the same job as them, you won't truely understand. It's easy to say 'just forget about it' or 'don't get so wound up over it - it's only a job'. I know these things. I don't need to hear them. That's why sometimes when I have a really bad day I don't want to discuss it. The energy it would take to describe my frustration and helplessness because of a stupid brain dead manager is just too much.

So eventually he woke up and came out. Eventually I bitched about my day. So it goes.

Well thankfully I didn't wake up with a sore throat this morning. Yes! I did get an excellent nights sleep. We layed down a little after 10 and I briefly woke up when Keith left but was immediately back to dream land within minutes.

It's Friday. I am so happy about this. But Ms Ass Muncher herself isn't here today so it's not going all that bad. If you don't support your staff and respect can you expect it in return? Nuff said.

I'm having steak tonight. This makes me happy.

I'm gonna try and go to the gym tonight. First time all week. Not so good. But let's hope I at least make it in the building this time.

That's all.

I'm just glad this week is over.

11:47 a.m. - 2004-01-23


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