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Not really in the mood to update but I had to cut myself off from playing TriPeaks and this was the only distraction I could come up with. I'm like a crackwhore playing that game. I haven't played it in months and months and now all morning I've been playing it. I'll only play till such and such a time...or till I reach such and such a score. Nope I kept playing. I don't know how but I finally managed to hit the x button before starting another game. Although at the time I was talking to the security guard about alzeihmers (no idea how to spell that btw).

So I haven't been in the best of spirits today. I'm all 'ugh'. Most of it is due to my ever dwindling pile of clothes that fit. Seriously it's getting dire. My wonderful boyfriend made me a healthy dinner of rice, chicken and broccoli....followed by chocolate cake. Nice. It wouldn't have been so bad but yesterday I had thought ahead and brought my gym bag to work when I drove. I also brought my clothes in with me so they wouldn't be freezing when I went to the gym. Are you seeing where I'm going with this? I was half way to the gym when I realized that I forgot my clothes. It was crappy out, I turned crappy so I proceeded to the mall and then went and had my eyebrows waxed and did a little shopping.

Well my rant has been cut short - which is probably a blessing. It's my lunchhour.

One more thing. Lunch with S went well yestersay. Really good actually. It reminded me why we're such good friends. I'm looking forward to hanging out with her this weekend. I haven't said that in a while! I also found out she quit the gym. I think it was mostly financial. Also her hubby is getting quite round and rather than her jetting off to the gym and leaving him on the couch, she's gonna try and get them both out doing stuff. I'm almost considering switching gyms and going to the one near my work so I can on my lunchours - but we'll see - I'm just thinking out loud. Well I'm a-outta-here.

12:39 p.m. - 2004-01-29


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