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The end of another long, not so fun week. Yay.

Well the winter storm is upon us...the one they were predicting last night on every news station. It's foggy and mild. Doesn't seem so ferocious to me. To each their own I guess.

I made a big mistake this morning. I bragged. I bragged to Keith, over the phone, that I had beat my cold. Every single time I get a cold, it starts with a soar throat and then leads into the sinuses. This time the soar throat a bit better...felt a bit a bit better...see the pattern? Well it didn't seem to be developing. In fact this morning I was sure that my sore throat was gone. She's back...with a vengeance. Damn me for bragging! Maybe she didn't want me to miss any time from she waited until the weekend so I could rest without feeling guilty. Ha! Not bloodly likely. I would rather be sick during the week and use the sick days my lovely work gives me. Why is my cold a she? Hmm don't know.

I left for lunch early today cause my boss called me in for a short meeting this morning. An hour later I left, there was no point in taking my break so I tagged it onto my lunch. Of course I didn't really utilize it. I went to the bookstore and bought a few books. Saw one I thought Keith would like. Didn't buy it. Hey, the guy has like 100's of books - he probably had it...or wouldn't like it...why waste the $2!

Then I went to the bank. Saw the number and was happy - realized that the odds are my rent didn't come out - came down from the happiness cloud. Stupid saving money. Seriously does it ever work? I still haven't went and checked my account to see for sure. Not so sure I want to. I was going to get a coffee at lunch but my throat's not up for it (stupid throat). I'm gonna stay away from dairy. Last night I had a flem issue...that was gross and prevented me from getting my proper beauty rest.

Yesterday at work I sat with an ergonomist. He adjusted my desk and whatnot. I have excellent keyboarding form. Go me. Bad mousing form. I have a gel wrist pad and I like to rest while I mouse. Could be worse I guess. He also recommended a back rest for my chair. I emailed my manager with that info - still haven't heard back from her on that. Go figure.

Not much else is new. Oh wait I wanted to throttle Keith last night. I swear to God it was like someone opened up a vault. T came over last night for Survivor and I swear Keith was like the little brother who likes to tattletale. Ever insignificant thing that's gone on since he saw her last he told her. Of course the kicker came when he told T how much my bra costs. See the things about friends is you know when to discolose certain things and when not to. I have no problem telling C about my bra expenses. But not T. Going shopping with T is painful sometimes. If a shirt is more than $5 she almost has a seisure. She's a bargain hunter extrodinnaire. She has to be - she has a lot of bills. But man, when Keith blurted that out - the thought of giving him a black eye crossed my mind. Luckily he went to bed before T left so he didn't face my wrath after she left. And also luckily for him, I let things go easily.

For some reason throughout this entry, I've wanted to write my name here. So much for anonymous.

Well me and my cough are going to reception now (oh yah along with the sore throat I have an annoying dry cough that sounds pathetic when I try and cough). Tri-peaks is calling me.

Here's to my cold holding off until Monday!

12:52 p.m. - 2004-02-06


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