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True love, shoes, phone calls and stuff

I still have almost 15 minutes left of my lunch hour. At which time I have ate my lunch (a jam packed bagel made by my boy this morning), surfed d-land, walked up to market square, wandered around Sears outlet, grabbed a coffee and wandered around the Bargain shop on my way back. I wasn't in a rush I just was walking around for the sake of wandering. I wanted to get out of the office for a while. The day is ho-hum so it's not like I had to get out. I didn't even really want a coffee but I felt like I had made the effort to go out so I should get 'something'. It was the cheapest thing. I could have purchased something at Sears. Of course I would still be standing in line cause the line-ups were huge.

I'm on my 2nd bottle of water - go me. After my entry yesterday I was feeling blah about the whole weight thing. I have such good intentions first thing in the morning but by the end of my work day I just want to crash. The days are getting to be so draining. Yesterday rather than head to the gym I drove to my apartment and checked on the smell - still bad. I watched a bit of Y&R - the phone rang - it was my stalker from Stats Canada. I answered her questions. Now they pass this info on to a call centre who is apparently going to be in touch with me. Oh joy.

After all that fun I drove over to Keith's and woke him up. I told him about part of my entry - the weight thing - and we're gonna try tweaking the whole eating thing - which includes cutting out all my chocolate eating - ahhh! I guess I asked for it. We're also toying around with the idea of him joining the gym so we can go together. 2 lazy people to motivate eachother - this should be interesting.

We had some dinner and then just stayed in for the night. We ended up finally playing my Wheel of Fortune game - 2 or 3 times I can't remember - I just know I won them all...he he he. We went to lay down around 10:30 and I was out like a light within minutes.

I got an awesome wake up call from my can use your imagination and then while I was showering and getting ready for work he made some homemade egg mcmuffin's -

de-lish. Then with his umbrella in my hand I made my way to work. Finally Friday.

Well I got a small taste of how life would be if we lived together and I loved it. Of course everyday wouldn't be paradise - cause let's admit it - he's a cranky guy when he doesn't get sleep. : )

But, I don't know, it was just so nice. Leaving and coming how to him. Of course I also had my bk and lunch made for me, so there's always that!

I remember when you would read or hear from people how when you met the right one you would just "know". I thought this was crazy. Until now. I have no proof to show that Keith is really the one, just a feeling. A feeling deep down that is right. This is what I have been waiting for. This is what has been missing in all my other relationships. I just gave myself goosebumps. But it's all true. We were talking about marriage last night and in some ways it seems like getting married now or in the immediate future is just too soon. But on the other hand, he's the one. He's my future. I know it. And I want to start that future with him now! Not in a month or a year - now! But I guess I'll just have to go along with the saying that all good things come to those who wait. Of course I also want to smack him. He thinks I need some expensive engagement ring and that is so not me. I don't like flashy. I just don't want it to be a high setting and get caught in my hair and I don't want to be allergic to it. That's all. I'm easy like that.

Alright enough marriage talk. It's bad enough I dreamed about it. Again I dreamed that my friend S was getting married again (and again to the same man). I don't know what that's all about! When I dream of marriage I dream of hers! I also dreamt that Keith's mother told Keith that she would be upset with me if I didn't buy the right dress. Oh right....I was ending the marriage talk.

Have I mentioned that S has been stalking me? She has called me all week long. Most times I was away from my desk, sometimes I was in the middle of something or my boss was near and I couldn't talk to her. But she kept calling. She could just have easily emailed. So I finally picked up the when she called today. Just. to. chit. chat. Wha? I was thinking of introducing her to my stats canada lady. They could both talk about how hard it is to get me on the phone. Heh...that would be funny.

Well back to the grind. Woo. Only 2.5 hours left then I go Keith's and we can be lazy together. We're really good at that. It's gotta be true love.

Oh - yah I forgot all about the whole point of why I went to the Sears outlet store. To get more shoes. Shhhh. Don't tell Keith. He thinks I have to many - silly man. But, alas, when I got there I did realize that I indeed did NOT need new shoes. Sigh. I'm just impatient for the nice weather. What I really want to do is wear sandals, and I have plenty of those at home....well I have a few...yah that's what I meant...not fact I may only have one or two....which means that when I do indeed go shopping for sandals that it is justified. CYB (cover your bum).

1:40 p.m. - 2004-03-26


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