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A loverly weekend

Happy Monday. Actually, all things considered, it's not that bad for a Monday. Or am I speaking too soon?

The day started off good enough. Although my good intentions of getting up and doing yoga before work didn't happen (even though I was pro-active and laid out my mat and put my dvd into the machine last night). Although if I had gotten up and did it, I would have shocked the heck out of Keith as he came through the door. He he - that almost would have been worth it.

So yah my boy came and woke me up this morning. He ended up walking me to work (and carrying my heavy bag - yay).

My weekend turned out pretty good. We spent a lot of time out of our apartments which was very nice. Friday we didn't do much since Keith couldn't sleep very well during the day so by the time I arrived at his place he was still really tired so I let him sleep while I watched some tv and played some wheel of fortune. Then we, okay he, made some yummy dinner and off he went to work. I slept over there again as I went home but still found the smell in my bathroom strong.

Keith ended up not coming to bed in the morning instead we started talking about St. Jacobs and then decided to get up and go. So we spent the morning and a bit of the afternoon wandering around St. Jacobs and the outlet malls. We loved this one furniture store. It had such beautiful items and they were priced amazingly. It made that desire for a house that much stronger. We ended up killing a few more hours going out to lunch and then back to my place for a while before we headed back to Keith's so he could actually get some sleep.

I ended up waking him up around 8 cause I was bored and hungry. Any later and he would be getting up while I went to bed. We made dinner at my place, watched a movie and then some tv. I think I made it till one o'clock.

Sunday, Keith again woke me up and this time we decided to get up and go have the brunch buffet at Golden Griddle. Both of us haven't been to the one in Waterloo. It was busy but we were seated pretty fast and proceeded to eat - a lot. We then wandered over to White Rose as it was having a bankrupcy sale - wowzer - those prices were pretty high for a sale. I'm waiting till the 90% off sale!

Afterwards we headed to the carwash - my car is getting spoiled. I'm trying to make up for not washing it all winter.

Afterwards we headed to Canadian Tire where I bought some touch-up paint for a few little nicks on my car - they're not really noticable but I like to take care of my baby. I also bought this pool lounger that looks really cool. We also looked at camping gear and this made me want to go so bad. Sitting by the fire, looking up at the stars, eating smores...mmmmm. Good times.

After that we made the mistake of going to the mall. It was supposed to be a quick trip to Zellers but we ended up wandering Conestoga mall. Of course I had got it in my head that I would like some slip on shoes fancy enough for work. So off I headed to Pay Less. They had their little sale going and I was going to come back with T but today is the last day. So I ended up buying a pair of slip-ons for work and a pair of black sandals for casual. Poor Keith got to sit and wait for me for most of this.

But as I'm sitting here wearing my black slip-ons it was all worth it. They are so comfy and I love kicking off my shoes under my desk whenever I can. We're not allowed to walk around work without footwear (health and safety thing) so it's a pain if I'm wearing shoes that I can't slip on and off. Oh and pantyhose free is a HUGE bonus.

I have to do some major laundry soon - darks. I managed to squeeze into a pair of my black work pants that I don't normally wear anymore cause, yah, they're just not too comfy. But so far these ones haven't been too bad. I don't feel too sausage-y.

Last night I was multi-tasking while I cooked dinner. I made up some chicken breasts for my lunches this week. I also went shopping and picked up a bunch of fruit and veggies as well. And...I'm gonna drag my butt to the gym this week.

But right now....I'm gonna go pee. Cause my bladder isn't all that thrilled with all this water I'm trying to drink.

11:41 a.m. - 2004-03-29


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