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The sun! I see the sun!

Well the sun is shining. Finally! I somehow managed to get through yesterday without it and I don't want to go through that anytime soon! I re-read my diary from about this time last year and the same thing was happening with me. I needed the sun to feel better. Weird. I guess a person can only go so long without the sun before it begins to wear on them. Also it doesn't help that Spring seems to be the peek-a-boo season. One minute it's here, the next it's gone...where did it go? Boo! Here I am! No, wait, now I'm gone! You get the drift.

So after my poopy day yesterday I somehow managed to drag my butt to the gym and worked out. Afterwards I headed over to Keith's and walked in to find a bunny greeting me at the door (stuffed not real). It was cute and made me smile. Life was good again. I don't stay down for too long.

I had a few things I wanted to pick up grocery wise, so we decided to get that out of the way before we had dinner. $117 bucks later we walked out the door with a cart load of groceries in tow. Maybe shopping on a hungry stomach wasn't the best idea. My fridge is jam packed full of food. It's good and bad. Frustrating cause I can't find anything plus it I don't find it, this means it goes bad. Definately not good. I'm going through my 'disorganized' state again. I'm starting to get a little bitter when I look around my apartment. I live in a one bedroom apartment where the living room and kitchen are pretty much one room. How can I be expected to live in a non-clutter environment? My friends all razz me cause of my clutter but these are friends with houses and 2 bedroom apartments with a garage(!) to store stuff in. The bitterness is definately making itself known.

New subject. I"m going swimming with T tonight. That stupid pool better not be jam packed tonight - or else! I also want to see T's new hair color. Apparently she colored it a much darker color than she normally wears. This should be good.

I've gotta try and remember to call Sprint today. I want to bundle my local line with my cell phone. The amount I pay for these 2 seperately are insane. Plus getting out of Bell's clutches is a very good thing. Evil evil Bell.

I'm heading home at lunch but I don't think I'll have anytime to clean. My sty is a mess. The dirty dishes are over taking the sink and it's not looking pretty. But I refuse to spend my whole lunch hour doing dishes. I got leftovers to eat! Plus I have to be back on time today. We're having a team meeting and I'm the treat person. Plus I have to stop and get myself a tim's to go along with the cake I'm bringing. Mmmm chocolate cake and coffee.

Yah, I'm kind of wondering why I bust my ass at the gym too? Oh well maybe I'll at least maintain my shape rather than add even more to it! I'll only have a small slice.

I think I should move my furniture around - living room, bedroom whatever. This way I can maybe fool myself with all the moving that's going on around me. Worth a shot yes?

Well time to go eat some pineapple chunks. Mmmmm.

11:46 a.m. - 2004-04-14


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