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Goin' Bananas

If you heard what I ate so far today, you would be inclined to believe that I am totally enamored with bananas. Let's see for breakfast I had a pb and banana sandwich. After that I whipped up a banana/strawberry/yogurt smoothy. And now I have sitting on my desk cut up bananas with strawberry's. You see, last week while shopping for some insane reason I bought 8 bananas. 8! Insane. I like bananas on a good day but to have them this much is just insane. Last night for a snack, I had a cut up banana and dipped it in chocolate (that one I really like). They're starting to turn so I have to find creative ways to eat them before they go off. I already have about a billion bananas in my freezer, someday I will make banana bread!

So my weekend was pretty good. It rained - quite a bit. Those weather forecast people said it would be nice but luckily for me I don't trust them so I wasn't all heart broken. Saturday I woke up around 8:30 cause of that wonderful little thunder storm and Keith still wasn't in yet, I had just started to read my book when he arrived. Miraculously I managed to go back to sleep and we ended up not getting up till around one. We ended up finally heading out sometime in the late afternoon to do a bit of grocery shopping. We bought some burgers for dinner that night to bbq and some steaks for Sunday's dinner. We were going to clean of his deck but everything was wet and soggy so all I did was untie the chair cushions (which should have been put away but never were) and laid them out to dry a bit. We rented a few movies. It seems that when we go shopping we end up going to 50 different places for one reason or another. Of course we had to stop at the LCBO to get some drink stuff but they didn't have any tabu so we got a few other bottles. Dinner was so good - I miss having bbq's. We had hamburgers with a couple different salads. We managed to get through a movie and a half before calling it a night and crawling into bed around one or so. The next morning I awoke to the severe thunderstorm that the weather channel was alerting us was going on. It was pretty cool. Except for the fact, that I had untied the cushions and Keith had questioned me cause he said if we had any wind they could blow off. Of course the gusts of wind during this storm were quite wicked and of course I was imagining the cushions blowing off his deck and landing heaven knows where. Keith got up and we watched the storm for a while until it seemed to die out. Keith managed to crawl back into bed and sleep for a few more hours, while I on the other hand popped in Disc 1, Season 1 of Sex in the City. I have watched it only a few times but had never managed to become a regular follower. I watched all six episodes on Sunday morning now I have to go back for disc 2. Fun times. I'm addicted.

After all my viewing, I woke up Keith and we um did stuff and eventually left the apartment around 4 or so. First things first we went to Dairy Queen. Bad man. I had a chocolate dipped cone. They're my favourite. Well my least sinful favourite anyway.

After that we went grocery shopping yet again. We do a lot of food shopping. We have this habit of forgetting stuff. One of those things was milk. You see I bought milk last week and then couldn't find it yesterday. I eventually found it in my trunk - oops. It never got brought up.

After shopping we made a pit stop at my place and then onward to Keith's. We cleaned up his deck, wet soggy leaves and all. I scrubbed the chair cushions (that had somehow managed to not even move an inch with all that wind whipping around - woo!) with some bleach and water to get the dirt off and managed to get a small amount of bleach on my new pants. But they're only $4 comfy pants that I bought from Sears so I was cool with it. We did a damn fine job and then we rewarded ourselves to a nice meal of steak, baked potatoe (with bacon and sourcream) , asparagus and a salad. Good eating.

Afterwards we headed back to my place (it would be so convenient if we lived together - I'm just waiting for that ring!). He loves when I say that. But seriously life will be so much less complicated when we finally do live together. We should cut down on the food - a lot - since we buy double everything for my place and his. Plus workwise he will be able to take my car to work, which means that I will be able to go to bed early (especially on those cold winter nights when I feel so bad for making him walk to work). Something to look forward to.

Well this morning has been hectic as all get out. I offered to do reception from 11 onward thinking I would have some slacker time - not to be. For lunch I'm gonna walk to Keith's and get my car. I got all confused this morning when I left for work. I tried to leave early cause I had some reports that I have to get done by a certain time on Monday's (plus I can leave early if I come in early). But when I walked out the building, big fat raindrops started to fall on me. The wind kicked up and I just said screw it and ran to my car and hopped in. I drove to Keith's, parked and then walked to work. The rain had stopped so that was cool. I learned that a co-worker in my office is off this week on her honeymoon so I'm gonna take advantage and park in her spot. I am such the opportunist I swear!

I'm looking forward to lunch - left over salad with bbq'd chicken that I had Keith make for me for my lunches. But now it is time to go have some bananas and strawberries.

Mmmm more bananas.

11:41 a.m. - 2004-04-19


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