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So I'm gonna tone down the seriousness for this entry. Cause seriously my emotional stability can only take so much.

But luckily things are going okay. Nothing blew up in my face; I'm still part of a couple. Gotta love irrational fears. It keeps you on your toes.

This weekend was very uneventful. I did a lot of nothing. Mostly sleeping while doing it.

I must have used up all my energy on Friday night. I went over to T's and met up with her and C. We then all went out for a b-day dinner for T to a Greek restaurant. Man that food was good. And the ambiance was great. I'm gonna have to drag my man there some night. After dinner we went back to T's where she opened her gift from me (C forgot hers at home). She loved it. It was a fondue set - it was heavy and gorgeous. I almost took it back - it was that good! Afterwards I went over to Keith and finally got him to eat my leftovers from the restaurant. We then went to my place so I could throw in a load of laundry (we're nothing if not romantic). After he left for work I proceeded to do the dishes and then mop my kitchen and bathroom floors. They had been bugging me for a while so I just got to it. My back was killing me by this time but I just worked through the pain. What doesn't kill you...

Saturday I woke up when Keith got home around 7 or so. Eventually we fell asleep around 9. I ended up getting up about 11:30 and wandered out to the living room where I watched the last few episodes of Gilmore Girls. I finally roused Keith around 3 or so. Then the fun started. He was waking up/cranky. I was pms'ing. Good times. We spent a good hour avoiding eachother - me reading - him watching tv. Finally hunger forced us to quit acting like idiots and get our act together. We left and went to Steve's tv and rented some movies (Season Two of Sex and the City for me - Season 1 Disk 2 was out so I was a little peeved but went for it anyway. Continuity what's that?

After that Keith didn't care where we went (he's fun like that - insert sarcasm). So I chose to go to Swiss Chalet for dinner. The line up was pretty long so we decided to just get take out. After taking it home and eating it I wanted to at least take a walk to have some form of exercise in my day. We decided on bowling. 5 pin. I suck at 5 pin. I'm writing that officially. The ball will just not go straight down the lane - it always veers to the left (I'm a lefty). Piss. Me. Off. Needless to say Keith won all 3 games. Also needless to say that he was now officially in a good mood. He had been talking about Laser Quest all night so when we drove by the place looked happening so we went in. By this time I was all pissy from my many losses at bowling and wasn't to sure of this place. So of course I acted like a be-atch while we sat there waiting to go in. I was going through that hormonal I want to cry or beat someone's face in feelings the whole time we sat there. I didn't know the game or what to expect. Keith use to be a member but wasn't really expanding on what the whole point was, how we go about it etc. And I sure as shit wasn't gonna ask him so we sat there in silence. By the time it was our turn to go in and shoot eachother I was a little less pissed - only a little. But I must admit that it was pretty fun. It's a 15 minute game and I was probably stunned for about the first 5. I got shot a lot but I shot back quite a bit. We played with a bunch of really younger kids and another group of teens so it wasn't so bad. Needless to say Keith came out number one. I was 19th out of 25. At least I wasn't 'the' loser. Afterwards we headed back to my place. Watched one of the movies we rented and then headed to bed. We made up.

Sunday was pretty much a write off. I got up around 11 and watched Disk 1 of Season 2 of Sex and the City. After that I was suddenly tired and I went back to bed and crashed for a couple more hours (told ya it was a write off). We finally got up around 4 and managed to leave the apartment around 6. It was rainy and foggy so we weren't missing much. We went to Sobey's and did some shopping for dinner. We ate dinner, watched some tv, got cranky with eachother - again - and then I drove Keith to work for 11. Not the best day we've ever had. Ah well, you gotta take the bad with the good. Makes you appreciate the good even more.

Oh yah I almost forgot about my eye appointment Friday afternoon. I wanted to order some prescription sunglasses and new contacts but decided to get an eye test first just to confirm that my eyes didn't change too much. Good thing I did - they changed quite a bit. In just over a year. Nice to inherit bad site isn't it? So I ended up getting whole new glasses with clip-ons. These have always intrigued me. It's so annoying switching glasses back and forth when entering a store or something. This way I can just unclip from my glasses - groovy. I really hope I made a good choice. The new frames are pretty bold. I'm not used to that. But change is good....most of the time!

Now I'm off to go read some journals before I go home for lunch. I'm driving for the next 2 weeks - woo - my boss is away on vacation. I'm gonna spoil myself. In one way I miss the walk cause it invigorated me in the mornings but I definately love not rushing around like a crazy woman in the mornings. Maybe by the time I start walking again the weather will co-operate and not be this crappy weather we've been getting the past while now. Heh...who am I kidding? I'll just be happy if it doesn't piss down rain on me. I'm easy to please. Normally. Ola.

12:28 p.m. - 2004-04-26


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