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Have you ever been having a conversation with someone and their attention totally and obviously slips away. It's rude. That's all I've got to say about that.

So not much is going on. I was in a super cheery mood yesterday. Not so sure about that.

S called yesterday and we went out for lunch. Of course it's during this lunch that I realize how much I'm gonna miss her. After my months of bitching about her and her hubby. I guess that best friend thing is a stronger force than I reckoned with. But I'm happy for her. Really I am. Normally I say I'm happy for people but deep down I"m jealous and want them to fail. I know I'm such a nice person. But I'm truely happy for her cause she's been depressed for so long about her lack of career etc. I'm even helping her move this Saturday. Originally I was just going to load up here and then say goodbye. But I think I'm going to head into T.O. with them and help them unload. Partly because I know that they'll need the help - when moving day comes around a lot of your friends are suddenly 'busy'. Also I'm curious as all get out about the place they found 4 days before they're supposed to move. Desperation or really nice place? That nasty side of me again.

Let's see after lunch I came back to work and had a busy afternoon but I spent a lot of that time laughing with my co-workers. Sometimes you just gotta do that.

Of course all this meant that I didn't get a chance to go home at lunch and get my gym bag to go to the gym. Sure I could have zipped home and got it and then raced to the gym. But I was having such a good day - why ruin it? So I went ahead and went over to Keith's. We had some dinner - huge ass homemade buns and hamburgers. Very filling. After we digested a little we headed to the mall so I could buy a new bra. My black one broke - the strap. Walmart didn't have anything over a DD so we headed over to Sears where I found a nice DDD in black that fit. 25% off. Of course I also made the vow that I would not be buying anymore DDD in the future - nuh-uh - these puppy's will be going down to a more reasonable and managable size - oh yes they will!

So after the bra extravaganza we left the mall and headed to Giant Tiger. Keith bought a toy. Yah he's 10. I bought some stuff that I needed including some hair dye. For some reason yesterday as I was in those unflattering change rooms I noticed that my hair was grey - a lot of it! When I pointed it out to Keith he was shocked too. Of course the color I picked out pretty much matched mine right on so no drastic change for me. T is disappointed in me. But I told her next time I would go for a more bolder look. This was a quick and easy fix. Plus I only paid $5 for it!

I managed to successfuly dye my hair all by myself - big accomplishment! Go me! Then I dragged out my weight watchers book and read things to Keith during his tv watching. Not so nice of me. But I want to try going back on the points and try to lose some of this stubborn weight. Of course after all that I eat a grilled cheese sandwich half an hour before bad - yah I'm bad.

Of course once in bed I wasn't tired at all. Keith says it was the sex that kept me awake - I said it might have been the two cups of coffee at lunch - who knows. But even if was the sex there's no way I would be complaining about that side effect!

Well it's lunch time - toodles.

12:57 p.m. - 2004-04-28


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