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Wowzers what a day. We're short staffed. Don't even get me started on that. One was booked, the other decided she wanted to study for her exam tonight. Our 'acting' manager saw no problem with this. At least two times today there was nobody on phones which means if someone calls our office they will get 'our office is closed' message. Nice. Someone should be accountable on a managerial level. But whatevah.

Last night I went swimming with T, Keith and S. This will be S's last time with us since she's moving on Saturday. She treated us all since she had a card and had to use the swims up. Worked for me. Of course in my rush to get there on time, I left without taking out my contacts and when I rushed back into my apartment to take them out I totally lost one. It went flying through the air and I still haven't found it. That pissed me off. They were relatively new. But I guess it's not so bad since my new contacts are going to be a bit different prescription. Speaking of which I had to call my optometrist office since I still haven't heard anything - I'm dying to get my new glasses with the clip ons! But I called them at lunch and my glasses still aren't in but the contacts are ready. So I have to change my lunchhour tommorow and pick them up since I want them for the weekend. I could rush and pick them up after work but I'm going to stay late and do some work. I'm 'making up time' for last Friday. Although there will be no witnesses so yah that's cool.

I went home at lunch and the plumber and my landlord were still in my apartment. I think they really like my ambiance. Maybe they dig my duck bathroom and like to hang out there. But they finished up while I was there so I could eat in peace. Left overs from last night. We had a healthy dinner - my WW talk has finally gotten to Keith. We counted the points for dinner last night. Yay. It's weird cause you don't realize how many mindless things you eat everyday. A little bit of this and a little bit of that really adds up. Kinda cool. Although ask me that in a week or so and I probably won't have the same opinion. Tonight we're eating at T's and although the girl loves to eat healthy she loves to serve the most fattening shit to her guests. Although I'm guilty of loving it and eating it. I guess I'll just have to be careful what and how much I'll be eating. C has already lost weight and inches. The game is now on.

Not much else to say. It is absolutely gorgeous out. A little windy but I'm not complaining. No rain - or snow!

Oh yah I almost forgot about this morning. I woke up sleepy as usual and hopped into the shower. I got out, singing and brushing my teeth, going through my routine only to walk in my bedroom and find Keith sitting there - scared the crap out of me! He came in during my shower. If he had come in during my shower I probably would have screamed, fell and broke a hip. Not to mention go blind cause I got soap in my eyes and it would have been bad news. But besides that it was kinda cool. Seeing my boy in the morning. *grin*

Well time is just about up here. Gotta close up reception and get going to my making up time job.

Oh yah did I mention I'm a winna? Yah I won the office 50/50 draw. Finally. I've played this for years! Although me and a co-worker go in on it so I only get $30 but I don't care. Money is money. Tres cool.

3:57 p.m. - 2004-04-29


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