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sleep deprived

I remember one of my favourite sayings used to be, "you can sleep when you're dead". I no longer agree with that statement. I was younger back then - not as smart.

Sleep is very important. Very.

Can you tell that I'm tired? Very.

Let's see. After work yesterday I headed over to Keith's and picked him up. We were going scouting. Land scouting. We're hoping to go camping on the long weekend but Keith likes camping in the middle of nowhere. He had a few places that he used to go to back when he was a few years younger. After I got changed into suitable clothing we headed out. It's about a half hour drive. We walked in the woods for over an hour. Least I didn't have to feel guilty about skipping the gym. His former stomping grounds have now become more frequented. We only found one of his camping spots as it had started to rain lightly and it was getting dark. We'll have to save the other one for another day. Actually I really enjoyed roaming the woods with Keith. It's nice to have someone who likes the same things you do. I didn't even mind the rain! Luckily for us the rain held out until we were back in the car at which time it started to pour. With a sore back and wet feet we headed back into the city.

The roast we had planned for dinner went out the window as it was already 7:30. So we stopped at our favourite spot - Wendy's. Once we got back to my place I didn't get to kick back and relax as I still had my apartment to clean for my mom's visit. And clean I did. I actually have a kitchen table AND a kitchen counter! Space! Keith was thrilled. He would finally have room to cook and prepare a meal. I told him not to get to used to it!

It was pretty much bedtime by the time I finished cleaning. That's when the drama started. I made an off the cuff joke with Keith who took it for more than it was worth. While I slept peacefully for an hour he thought about it. When he got up to leave to walk home I woke up and realized something was wrong. Eventually I got him to talk and then I started to cry. Fun times in the middle of the night. I would have felt way worse if he had left and not told me what was wrong. It would have been a different kind of sleepless night I had. Instead we talked some more and then he layed back down with me and did some stuff. When all was said and done it was 3 o'clock when I went back to sleep. We had started having thunderstorms by then so Keith ended up staying at my place and watched tv for the rest of the night. Even though I was tired as all get out this morning I was happy to see Keith.

Luckily we have a dress down day at work today and also our office had a breakfast happening. 2 less things to worry about this morning. I was aiming to be at work for 8 but yah that wasn't gonna happen. I aimed for 8:15 and made it for 8:22 - eh - not bad.

Now here I sit at work trying to function like a normal person. Not really working. My head feels like it's full of cotton. I don't know how I'm gonna survive the rest of the day. At lunch I'm gonna go to the grocery store and pick up a few things for dinner tonight. I would love to lay down for a half hour or so but I'm afraid I wouldn't get up! Better if I keep moving.

I'm excited to see my mom today. I hope I mom proofed my apartment good enough. All 'toys' put away, men's underwear hidden. No offensive videos lying around. Man don't I sound like the pervert? Heh.

So on the plus side I think I may be down a few pounds. This is big for me. That scale of mine seems to be stuck on a certain number. And the fact that it budged in the right direction is a cause for celebration! But not too much celebrating or else it will go back to where it was! Paranoid? Yah you could say that.

I should end this now. I fear I'm going to begin to babble (yes begin). Maybe go take a walk around the office - do a few jumping jacks get the blood if! But it sounded good. The walk is as far as I'll go.

Sleep when I'm dead...seriously what was I thinking?!

11:11 a.m. - 2004-05-04


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