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Vodka - friend or foe?

How to tell you're getting old: you are still 'recovering' two days after a party. Okay a vodka party - but still.

So let's see, on Friday after work I actually made it to the gym. I picked up the few groceries and headed over to Keith's where we had chicken shiskabobs - de-lish. We eventually headed back to my place and I ended up laying down from 11 - 12. Keith stayed awake - we reversed roles. He left for work at 12 and got up and did some packing and gift wrapping. I managed to stay up till 2:30 (I was priming for Saturday night).

Saturday I actually slept in till noon or so. I woke Keith up around 3 and then we headed out to do some shopping (picked up $20 worth of mix). We made it back in time to get everything packed and ready before T arrived. The drive in was brutal as the Gardner turned out to be closed. But we did find our way in without maps so that was cool. We got to S's around 8.

Then the drinking began. I don't think we'll be having another vodka party for a long long time. Wow. At the time it was awesome. The drinks went down smooth - too smooth. It was one of those parties where people sat around and mingled and there was always conversations - I love that! Of course a lot of the conversation centred around Keith and I. About moving in together. At first they were all supporting him but *ahem* I brought them around to my point of view. Around midnight, T, Keith and I wandered across to the park and played for a while. We got back about 12:45 and everyone had left and those who were staying were getting into bed. What the f*ck?! Nice party! We weren't tired so we sat outside for a while. S came out and we ended up taking a walk down Queen street. We got around 2:30 and then headed to bed. Oh lord then the night took on a whole different feeling.

Keith slept for about 3 hours. I slept on and off till 7 - everytime I awoke I would pray not to puke. At 7 I had to give up the ghost. I realized it was gonna happen with or without me so I got up, walked into the bathroom (which was 2 feet from where we slept) and threw up all that liquor. I'm sure it's a wonderful memory for Keith - his first time listening to me puke. Of course I didn't do it the easy way. The toilet was disgusting so rather than kneel before it I stood back and projected (sorry for the grossness if anyone's reading this). But it ties into yesterday. I felt much better after doing it and managed to go back to sleep for a few hours. We awoke around 10 (Keith had been up for 5 hours). We got ready lickety split and then sat there and waited for the other 4 people to get their asses in gear. I was starving by this point and the situation was looking pretty dire without food. Finally at almost 12 the rest of the group was ready and we headed out for food. K and her guy didn't make it and she felt really crappy and wasn't up to eating. I felt better for not being the only one who felt like poo from our drinking binge. Although another friend who spent the night also ended up losing the contents of her stomach as well. You know a party is successful when!

After eating (food never tasted so good! and of course we were the last ones served at our table!) we hit the highway. Even hung over and tired we stopped at Ikea. I saw the cutest duck picture but alas there were none to be found - bastards. I did buy straws (funky ones!) and a blue bubble picture holder. T bought a chair.

T dropped us off and Keith immediately headed to bed. I knew if I slept I wouldn't sleep that night so I stayed up and watched some tv (fell asleep anyway for about half an hour in front of it). After that I went out and picked up some stuff to make for dinner - chicken sandwiches - nice and easy. I also stopped by Keith's and grabbed his work shoes (which turned out to be the wrong ones so we had to drop by his place anyway) and his sweater (which he didn't wear cause it was too warm out) - so much for being thoughtful!

I dropped Keith off at work and then came home and crashed hard. I awoke in the morning sans alarm since I didn't turn it on right. I was still on time but when I went to get up my stomach and back had a nasty surprise for me. They were pissed at the way I abused them so they were protesting. I thought a hot shower would help - nope. Walking was agony. My stomach felt as if I had did 500 situps and my back just plain hurt. So I called in sick. What was a girl to do? I felt a little bad since we were already going to be short staffed but the thought of walking to work made me break out in a sweat. So instead I took a few pills and layed back down. I must have been tired cause I didn't get back up till after 12. I then spent the rest of the day popping pills. Of course the weather was gorgeous out. I couldn't be sick on a cold or rainy day!

I headed over to Keith's around 5 and we eventually went out to do some shopping for the week. I was teasing him about Wednesday's dinner - our one year anniversary - I was asking him what we should pick up - cause you know I 'assumed' we were actually doing something celebratory but he asked what I wanted to get. Of course that answer ticked me off. Then his whole speil about how it's not 'our official' one year anniversary cause of how we got together. What the hell? I'm a girl damnit! I want the celebration! I want to celebrate our being together one year. But maybe I want to much. I know I'm too into gift giving and such. I do realize this. I guess there has to be a compromise somewhere. We just sort of dropped the conversation after I made some comment about how romantic he is (sarcastically of course). I don't know it just hurts a little that he doesn't want to celebrate our one year. Of course that gave me pause about his gift that I"m in the middle of but I decided to continue on. We may not make a big deal out of it but damnit I will not be stopped from giving gifts! I'm just gonna have to reel in the expectations on my part. Not everyone thinks like me - especially guys - so yah. I read and write romance so there's always going to be that part of me that's the total romantic.

Anywho I woke up totally tired this morning. After Keith left for work I coudln't sleep so I ended up reading (romance!) until 1 o'clock. Needless to say getting up was a chore. Luckily I drove or else I would probably still be walking to work - the ambition is low. Now my gut is totally killing me. Watch it be the day that we actually go up in our balloon ride. But that isn't gonna happen - the weather bites. I"m gonna re-book for sometime in June. This May weather is too unpredictable.

Now I must go and start making my list for this long weekend. Camping. Woo. I'm afraid to add booze to the list.

Wish me luck for tomorrow. I'm such a girl.

12:21 p.m. - 2004-05-18


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