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The long rainy 2-4

Well I wrote a long rambly email yesterday and when I went to save it *poof* server not found. Nice. I gave up and didn't try again. But now I will. I have time.

So the long weekend didn't exactly turn out as planned. You know with the torrential downpours, thunderstorms and torando watches going on. Plus my friends had crapped out on us anyway. But looking back that was probably for the best. Not to much fun camping in the rain. If I don't get my fire then it's just not a fun camping trip. But we managed to salvage the weekend just the same. Plus being off work for 4 days in a row is a treat all on its own.

On Friday we went to Wonderland. The one and only day it didn't rain. Thank heavens. We had an excellent time. The line-ups were long but not insane. We got our mug shots taken for our season passes. The last ride we went on of the day was Tomb Raider. Let me save anyone the trouble of standing in line - the ride sucks. Seriously. It's all shiny and new but it's just a cover. It looks cool. You get to lay face forward. But the reality is if you're not one of those tiny teen girls or skinny pants down to your knees boys then the ride isn't gonna be comfy. Once they squeeze you into this tiny compartment and slam the cage down on your ass, you're stuck - literally. Then the fun really begins. The ride shakes the shit out of you. You're motoring along feeling as if you're being punished for some crime - you want to confess just so they'll stop the ride and you can get off. Mercifully the ride is short. It's not an experience I'll be participating again. I filled out their online survey about the ride yesterday. My review wasn't glowing to say the least.

So after leaving Wonderland Friday night, nauseous and dizzy (that's how you know you had a good time) we headed back to my place and ordered some pizza. It was the beginning of our never ending junk food weekend. Bedtime was relatively early due to us being old and all.

Saturday dawned gloomy and overcast. We headed off to crappy tire where I tried to convince Keith to buy a bike. His interest was sparked but no sale. I really want to go biking. Really really. Afterwards we headed to the mall and took a ride on the vibrating massage chairs. As usual kids were sitting on them doing nothing so we took a walk around the mall and grabbed some lunch first. As we were about to leave we decided to be smart and pick up something for dinner so we picked up the fixings for bean burritos. We also picked up a few movies but didn't really watch them and played a couple games of scrabble instead. Who won doesn't really matter. :P

Sunday was Keith's b-day. Since we were supposed to be away camping, I didn't plan for anything. I slept through breakfast so I didn't make him his b-day breakfast. While he slept I ran out and grabbed chinese food for dinner and a very decadent cake. He opened up his gifts from me and then we went for a short ride to the porn store just as it started to thunderstorm. We're die hard porn people.

Monday we slept late (again) and then in the late afternoon went to Sports World. We spent a crap load of money in the games area. We're like junkies when we go there. Then we went outside and played a few games of mini-putt. We both won one each by one point. Freaky. Then we had a bite to eat in the Moose since Keith had never been there. He also got to wear the moose helmut as the waiters sang to him. He wanted to kill me for that. I couldn't resist. Afterwards we headed home, bellies full. Keith slept while I watched some tv. I think I managed to fall alseep somewhere around 1am. I was up for 7am cause I had to be at work for 8am. Keith didn't get home till 10am and I had him up for 4pm. He was tired.

Yesterday I gave him the rest of his b-day present or what was originally supposed to be his b-day celebration day. He guessed where I was taking him after work from all my clues. I took him for a massage - his first ever. I'm pretty sure he enjoyed it. Of course I couldn't go to my massage therapist office without having a massage myself. So we both got one. Afterwards we headed to Future Shop where Keith bought the Lord of the Rings dvd and the Maroon Five cd. After all the eating out we did this weekend we weren't too keen on more eating out but then we're both lazy people. So we finally settled on some Swiss Chalet. You didn't have to twist my rubber arm too much. I made the mistake of having dessert. It looked good in the picture but wasn't all that tasty.

After all this eating and lack of exercise this past week I was scared to step on the scale this morning. But I forced myself and lo and behold I'm back to my original weight from 2 weeks ago - which means I only gained 2 pounds. Not to bad at all.

Keith layed down with me last night - at 10 o'clock. We were both out like a light within minutes. Keith left around 1am cause he wanted to get back on his regular sleeping schedule. I woke up at around 6am from one of the worst dreams I've ever had. I dreamt I had cancer and it was terminal. I had only months to live. In my dream I had just found out and was in the process of saying good bye to my co-workers. My parents came and picked me up. It was one of the most depressing dreams I've ever had. It felt so real. When I woke up I was so thankful that it was only a dream. It made me really appreciate everything I have. I bitch about my weight, all the little inconveniences of life etc but over all I am a pretty lucky person. I know I won't be able to hang onto this feeling and this moment but I am grateful for when I do. It's nice to appreciate life. Very nice.

9:04 a.m. - 2004-05-26


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