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Full of.....VGO!

I swear if my head wasn't attached to my body I would lose it. Argh. One of those days.

Well I'm feeling much much better today. It must have been the sushi. My co-worker called in sick so I'm guessing she has some virus. It's a busy busy day today. I guess cause both me and my co-worker went home yesterday afternoon things didn't get done. Ah well. I'm also training a new girl, which always doubles your time doing everything. Everyone thinks I'm so good at training people, I guess cause I'm patient and don't push them aside to do it faster. I just let them do the work and I'm there to guide them and answer questions. Look at me tooting my own horn!

So back to the head thing (heh that's funny). I went out at lunch and bought a crap load of VGO to have for my lunches since Keith said if I drink one a day I'm guaranteed to lose weight. Btw I just drank my first one for lunch and feel kind of full but not really, more swishy like. Anywho I got to the checkout only to find out that I forgot my wallet back at work. At least I hadn't gone through the checkout. So I repacked my purchases put them all back and came back to work. Oh the joys. I'm really hoping this works. I gotta start fitting back into my summer clothes. Plus I have a wedding in October - mine. Okay I don't really. I'm just trying to convince Keith that we could plan one by know if he got around to asking me sometime before then! Things would be so much less complicated! But time will work it out.

So C's cat died today. This is a huge thing. This cat was like her baby. C's in her mid 30's and doesn't have a significant other and hasn't in a long time. All her love has gone towards this cat. T and I are gonna try and be there for her. We've emailed her to try and do a dinner thing sometime this week. It's now looking like Friday which will work out great since Keith is gonna try and sleep all day Friday. On Saturday we're going to my parents to help them move. Keith and my younger brother are the only 2 'healthy' guys who can move stuff. So it's pretty critical we're there. Unfortunately my parents also love to move really early in the morning. Plus my dad has a wedding to do in the afternoon. All this equals up to no sleep for Keith. I feel really bad for doing this to him especially since on Thursday I'll also be taking away more of his sleep. We're going to see Cats at 2pm. I'm like one of the meaniest girlfriend's ever - I know! But I'll make it up to him somehow. I'm sure he has a few ideas how I can!

Well I'm off to go do some work. I'm actually working - hard - today. What a change. I think I'm even gonna try and hit the gym after work. I'm so ambitious. We'll see what happens!

1:12 p.m. - 2004-06-01


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