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I won! I *finally* got on DLand. I tried yesterday a few times and gave up and today I tried a few times and was about to give up. What gives? I guess everyone updates during the lunch hour. Go figure.

So the past weekend was pretty busy. Friday after work I headed to T's and met up with C. We ended up hanging out at T's having a few drinks and a steak dinner (nice). Around 11 we called it an evening. I dropped T off at her party spot and then headed to Keith's. We spent some time together and then I dropped him off at work and headed home. I was supposed to go to bed but the coffee I had at T's (after the booze) kept me up till 1. That means that 7am came way to fast. Keith made us a quick breakfast, we took our showers and then hit the highway. My parents had most of the little things moved and everyone thought that we only had a few hours worth of moving to do - oh so wrong! Almost 8 hours later we were just finishing. Craziness. My parents are total packrats. My mom looked so tired that night. We all hit the sack really early - especially Keith who had been officially up for over 24 hours. Sunday we got up around 9 and sat out on my parents balcony off the kitchen till it was time to go to church at 11. The weather was great all weekend - no rain! Got some pink skin going on - not red - yay! Keith and I hit the happy highway once more after a quick lunch from Dixie Lee Chicken. The traffic was pretty bad in spots - we passed a car that was pretty much ashes - the fire trucks had just finished putting it out.

We got home and Keith pretty much went to bed until it was time to work at 11. I dropped Keith off at work and then hit the sack myself.

Yesterday I walked to work with my dandy new roots back pack that I bought through Avon. I love it. It's super comfy - it has cushion straps - bliss. Once I got to work I realized that my chiro appt. wasn't for 5:15 but 4:45. At lunch I whipped home and picked up my car. I doubt I'll be driving much anymore - since my boss loves to promise her spot to eveyone and their sister it's not worth my time or aggravation to figure it all out. Plus walking will be good for me. Although I am looking into biking to work. I checked out the underground parking yesterday and a co-worker showed me where the bike rack is and how to get into the building that way. But I now want to get a new bike. A cheap old bike. One that if it got stolen I wouldn't be upset about. I bought my bike for $1500 (I was a tad crazy back then). It's also meant for 'mountain biking' and I feel kind of weird riding this huge bike with these wicked tires around the city streets. But mostly it's the stolen thing I'm worried about.

Last night I brought home left over pizza from our pizza lunch at work for dinner. I also bought some salad fixin's. A quick and easy dinner. We didn't do anything last night. Nothin'. We sat at Keith's and watched the tube until it got really hot and stuffy at his place and then we moved to my place around 9. I put on my a/c as soon as we walked through the door. Within minutes Keith was in my room sleeping. I joined him around 11 and was out within minutes.

Now for my morning excitement. I actually got up at a decent time this morning and hit the shower since I knew I was walking today and didn't want to be running to work to make it on time. So I'm getting out of the shower - I pick up the small towel I use to wrap my hair out - give it it's usual shake before I throw it on my head. Suddenly this huge thing flies out. I don't have my glasses on but I can see it's alive and it's big. I grab my other towel and run out of the room and shut the door behind me. I stand there and check out my body towel - it's fine. I look around and find my 'spider' killer spray - I throw on my glasses and cautiously open the door. This huge ass bug is on my curtains - I spray the sucker for a good 30 seconds and it's still moving. Finally I slam the door shut and hopefully leave it to die (I have goosebumps writing this). I quickly get dressed - eating breakfast is out of the question. I don't want to go back into my bathroom to see if it's alive or dead and I don't want to come home after work to check. So I grab my car keys and head to Keith's. This way I can go over there after work and then drag him back to my apartment so he can check to see if there's a huge dead ass carcass or if it's escaped - in which case I will be moving asap. My God this thing was huge and I so wish I was exaggerating!

So I ended up getting to work at a really decent time (of course my boss isn't here to witness this!). But I did get to stop at Tim's on my walk from Keith's and grab a coffee and a muffin - which I didn't/couldn't eat till around 10. Traumatized I was.

So tomorrow is weigh in day. I don't think I've lost any. Just a hunch. But I won't worry about that till tomorrow.

Now it's my lunch hour so I'm gonna go out in the hot hot sunshine and walk down to the bookstore, buy a book and sit outside and read for a little bit. Sounds like a good plan.

12:49pm - 2004-06-08


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