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A picnic in the park

Well a little less than half an hour left. Another day that has zoomed by.

Last night Keith and I got a call from T that her swimming pool was open for action. Within an hour we were there. Refreshing. We didn't end up leaving till around 10 or so. It was a very nice night out last night. We ended up sitting on T's front porch for about an hour or so just sitting and talking watching the world go by. Whenever T went into the house I would comment to Keith how nice it would be if we had our own house. To dream.

Keith ended up spending the night which was nice. I had a bizzare dream in which I was cheating on Keith with himself. Talk about weird.

This morning after he made us a quick breakfast we drove to Tim's where I stood in line forever and got a coffee to support 'camp day'. Then Keith dropped me off and took off in my car. Good times for him.

He emailed me and offered to meet me for lunch. When I came down to meet him, he surprised me with a picnic lunch which we ate in the park. Very very nice! It was damn hot though. After we ate we took a walk around Victoria Park and the sun nearly baked us alive. We sat in the shade for a bit before we headed back to my work.

We also spent a considerable time trying to figure out our plans for tonight. Normally we go swimming at the rec centre but since T has her pool open and it's hot we were thinking of going there. Only her pool doesn't have a swirl pool for afterwards. To mix it up even more Keith has to sleep sometime so we had to factor that all in. As it stands now I'm going to head over to T's solo after work and do some swimming and hanging out and then go over to Keith's who will hopefully be up by then. Details!

Then I had to change my plans for tomorrow night. Originally C and I were going to see Harry Potter but I found out that she's going tonight with another friend. She still wanted to go with me tomorrow night but I convinced her that that would be too much Harry Potter even for her! So we're gonna do a little shopping instead. We'll spend money one way or another!

So this weekend is shaping up to be a little busy. On Saturday we're heading down to a church garage sale (early early) in hopes that I can find mysel a cheap bike to ride to work. Then sometime later that day we're gonna go to the Greek Food Festival. Then on Sunday we're going to a bbq at Keith's family. Not to crazy busy. This weekend is my great-uncle's funeral. But my parent's understand that I've been down 2 weekends in a row and it's a long drive - I'll ask them to give my gram a hug for me.

Well less than 10 minutes now, I better start sweeping the papers off my desk to look like I worked today.

I keep looking out the window cuase it seems to be getting overcast. We really don't have a back up plan if it rains. I guess we can swim in the rain - if it's not thunder and lightning that is! Zap.

4:05 p.m. - 2004-06-09


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