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What a morning! Argh!

I should really just head home now. Seriously. I'm afraid to stay. My morning isn't going so smooth. It started with trying to get up - my body was just to damn comfy I couldn't talk it into getting out of bed. I finally got myself up and being the multi-tasker I am I decided to wash one of my hand-wash only shirts so I could wear it tomorrow. I filled the sink with cold water, put in some soap and hopped in the shower. So far so good. After getting out of the shower and drying off I decided to give the legs a quick shave...umm...filled sink. So I worked around that somehow. As I was making my breakfast (egg mcmuffin type thing) the radio was saying how gas had jumped overnight - so this is where I get the bright idea to leave a little early and find some gas that is still cheap. I wrapped my breakfast in a napkin, poured a glass of milk in a plastic glass, grabbed my muffins that I made last night (a whole other trauma), and headed out the door.

I went down the street to my little no-name gas guy and he was already jacked up. So I continued on and made my way to work. (Did I mention that by this time I had already dripped egg all over my pants? Yup.) The station downtown was at 79.9 so I decided what the hell and got some gas. 8:20 and I'm a block away from work. I look at the cross-walk and see my co-worker crossing the street from the parking lot I'm about to go to - the same co-worker who told me it was okay to park in a certain spot. The same co-worker who parked in the spot cause as she drove past didn't see my car so pulled in and parked there. So I did the only thing I could do - parked in our visitors area. I just got done emailing the security guard and letting him know since he keeps a sharp eye on the lot. I'm hoping that once I get the absence sheet I will find out that someone who parks in the lot is off today. Oy vey! Talk about messed up. I am so getting another bike. I can't just go back to walking cold turkey. The bike got me here so fast! Sigh.

Stupid morning.

I am so not sharing any muffins with the girl who stole my parking spot! Yah that's right I brought in muffins for my team since I didn't realize the recipe I was making last night made 22 muffins not 12!

Yah I'm going home....after break that is.....

8:47 a.m. - 2004-07-13


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