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Vacation Time - Finally!

Okay I was way more excited last week when all I was looking forward to was my 4 day long weekend. Now Im looking at a whole week off but the excitement is missing. Maybe missing is the wrong word buried. Yah my excitement is buried. Buried by details. Buried by worries about the weather, crossing the border, having a good time. I keep making list after list. The lists are all the same. It helps me to think that Im actually in control. I swear if I could I would plan out every second of the trip. So much for spontaneous!

But Ive reined myself in. Ive only planned a little. Too much planning can make it feel less like a vacation. Spontaneity. Ill just keep repeating that word over and over to myself.

Well my fingers are killing me but that obviously is not stopping me. My new keyboard should be in today sometime. Back to regular spaced keys.

After work yesterday Keith and I made it to our chiro appointments yesterday. I watched Keith get his back cracked and then his neck. I cringed as I normally do when I watch this. Getting your neck cracked is just not natural. Then it was turn to lay on the table. Can you see where this is going? Yup after my regular back cracking routine I laid on my back as I normally do and she played with my neck. Usually it gets a few shots with her little tool but this time.this timeshe gently lifted my head up, told me to relax and then bam! Crunch city! I laid there shocked and could not believe the amount of noise my neck had just made I found out afterwards that I was the only one to really hear this Keith didnt hear a thing. He said he was having a good time watching the expression of shock on my face as I lay there comprehending what she had just done. To her credit my neck felt awesome. I had just accepted the fact that trying to touch my ear to my shoulder would always be next to impossible - tight. She said that my neck was quite out of whack and wasn't sure what I had done to make it that bad. No idea on my part. Then on the drive home I kept marveling how good my neck felt and Keith then warned me that usually after the good feeling left I would feel a little pain. I guess the neck muscles get use to being in one position and then when they're forced into another they can get a little cranky. The soreness hit as I was going to bed. Along the whole left side of my neck it was sore as all get out. I whined and bitched for a while but that never does any good. So I ended up reading until just after eleven and then bored to death of the book I finally turned off the light and went to sleep - no 9 o'clock bedtime for me last night.

Well I'm now typing on my new keyboard! I just installed it myself - it was oh so hard. Unless you look really really close you can't even tell that there is any difference between the 2 keyboards. But my finger knows the difference! I played around with both of them for a few minutes and my left pinkie is just oh so close enough that it caused me pain to type. So far I'm liking the new keyboard - nice and quiet and pain free!

Last night after rushing through shopping and then dropping Keith off at my place I headed over to go to my boxercise class only to find out that it had been cancelled. They had called and left a message on my machine but I of course didn't get a chance to check them after work. Ah well at least I got to eat dinner sooner.

Well it's just about my lunch time - time to go surf the net. I planned on going out at lunch but we'll see how much laziness will take over. Today is dead at work. There are a lot of people off. Next week I will be one of those people!

4:21 p.m. - 2004-08-06


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