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My birthday week

Just in case anyoneís wondering Ė I didnít off myself when I turned 30. Iíve just been really really busy. Insanely busy at work. But I shall re-cap.

My 30th birthday started off with a lovely homemade breakfast of waffles and bacon (bacon was a tad underdone for my taste but thatís just splitting hairs). I opened my gift from Keith (cause I couldnít wait till that night) and it was an amazing digital camera! He had even bought a camera case for it and a much better memory card. (I have to buy the rechargeable batteries cause that thing eats them like theyíre going out of style!). But I love it. It was love at first sight.

My co-workers had a cake for me at break time (we donít do that anymore for each other so that was pretty cool). After work, Keith met me as he was downtown picking up the Oktoberfest tickets cause they were selling like hot cakes and almost sold out. We then went to my place and waited for my brother and his fiance who were driving 2 hours just to have dinner with little olí me! Traffic was crazy so they didnít get to my place till almost 7. We then went out to eat at the restaurant of my choice Ė Red Lobster of course! I gorged myself on my heavenly platter of food and then got a piece of cheesecake free (although it was supposed to be chocolate Ė but again splitting hairs). After the big olí song and dance my brother and the future sister in law gave me an awesome Roots sweater (in black!) and a cute little fuzzy animal Ė oh and a candy apple (which reminds me I havenít eaten yet!). So that was one of the best birthdays so far.

Then yesterday was of course Ė Survivor! I donít care what anyone says, that is still the best reality show out there. T came over and Keith made us a kick ass spinach dip to start and then fed us some greek salad and an awesome bbq chicken. Can you tell itís all about the food? After which he brought out a cake with an Elmo candle and ducks! That was so cool. I feel like Iím five! I got a picture of it with the new digital camera.

Now weíre onto today. And boy did today start with a bang! And not a good one! It started with me opening my email to find an email from S. She basically said that the hall we chose has 2 levels. I picked the wrong one. I wasnít too know that but regardless this means she will not be going if we go to that one. I am on the hook for 4 tickets! I donít think so! So I spent the morning, worrying and bitching to anyone who would listen about my predicament. Iíve finally decided, after doing a lot of thinking, that we will proceed with our plans and go ahead with it as planned. We canít get our money back and we canít switch halls.

But my time has run out, so I must finish this sordid tale another day.

I saw my chiro for an emergency visit yesterday Ė I somehow twisted my back Ė my ribs Ė just by combing my hair Ė old age! But she also commented Ė a lot Ė on how tense I am! Luckily I had the foresight to book a massage for today after work! And now after todayís events Ė Iím so glad.

4:32 p.m. - 2004-09-17


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