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pinching, smoking and giving thanks

So here I sit at work on yet another Monday morning. Just another Manic Monday. I just spelled out SOS in paperclips on the desk Iím sitting at. Fun times indeed. Iím on phones all morning Ė that explains it all.

So my weekend was pretty good. Not enough sleep, not enough sex but still good. It can be interesting at times having a boyfriend who works nights. Our sleep schedules are way off on the weekends. I try and stay up later, he tries and gets up earlier. It can make for interesting times. Itís like weíre doing time share with my bed. I get up, he lays down.

On Saturday we had decided to go to Wonderland. It was rainy most of the morning, which worked out well cause Keith had to sleep. We finally made it to Wonderland around 4:00. It was pretty cool cause the place was dead. We went on all the major rides with minimal wait Ė very sweet. The park closed at 8 which we didnít know about but it worked out for the best. We made it home, had some food and then by 11 I was toast and went to bed (Iím such the party animal). Keith didnít sleep to well that night Ė cause um, I pinched him while he was sleeping..on the butt of course. But to my defense he was snoring really loud. The pinching was my last resort but I guess I did it a little to hard. Sunday afternoon we headed over to Keithís parents so he could help fix their computer. I love his family but he left me alone with his mom for a lot of the time and just to make it interesting she was going on no sleep for almost 24 hours, with a cold, on cold medication and she was drinking. Good times for me. She was pumping me about marriage information or the lack of engagement between me and her son. I did point out that he was the one weíre all waiting for. Oh yes it was interesting times indeed.

I was just happy to get out of there several hours later as both of his parents smoke Ė heavily and so do his two brothers. Maybe if they cracked a window I could sit beside it and breath. Instead I usually walk out of there with a pounding head and sore throat. Not to mention stinky clothes. I also found out last night that his parents want to do Thanksgiving with us next weekend also. Plus they were talking Christmas plans so I have to get going and start discussing these dates with my parents. Gotta keep the parents happy.

This Thanksgiving will be our last at Ickabod. My aunt and uncle decided they wanted to live in a place that has running water and electricity (they are retired after all). So my dad and uncle have sold the land. It was bought fairly quickly. The new owner takes possession the end of October. I am really going to miss Ickabod. Especially this time of year. There was something so cool about going to this piece of land in the middle of nowhere, the trees are all turning color and the air is fresh and has a snap to it. Everyoneís walking around in jeans and sweaters and everyone brings food to contribute to the dinner. Then after giving thanks for all of us being there everyone spreads out to eat either indoors our out by the fire. It was special and being at Ickabod made it that much more so. When youíre in the middle of nowhere with nature surrounding you and all your loved ones, you realize what really does matter in life. You appreciate what you have all that more. I sense thereís going to be a lot of tissues being used. I for one will be bringing my own pack. It still doesnít feel real that itís been sold. I havenít faced the reality of it yet. They had the auction this past weekend Ė for the trailers and different things that have accumulated over the years. I bet that was tough on my dad and uncle.

Anyway, Iím gonna post this before I keep blathering on about Thanksgiving.

Oh and just to make life more interesting my throat is still sore today. Iím really really really hoping I donít get sick. But the fact that everyone in my office is walking around sniffling and sneezing doesnít bode well. Vitamin C stat!

Update on the clean up my apartment mission Ė itís going s l o w l y. We got the shelves up this weekend but now we got a crap load of stuff to go to the basement of my building. It doesnít help that weíre natural born slackers. Plus I know myself Ė Iím a deadline type of person. I only really start working when the deadline is upon me. The 16th of October seems pretty far away right now. Letís hope Keith gets the motivation going Ė for both of us.

1:09 p.m. - 2004-10-04


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