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A really long catch-up entry

Have you ever noticed that when you let so much time pass between entries it gets easier not to write? Me too.

I havenít been not writing on purpose, I just havenít got a chance and then when I did have a few minutes I would decide that that wasnít enough time to write a decent entry. I would have time for an intro and thatís about it. At least in my head.

My hairís getting long Ė itís curling around and touching my face when I have it down.

Sorry the concentration is lacking. Tap on the hand with a ruler Ė now focus.

Okay so letís see. Since Iíve last wrote a few things have happened. Thanksgiving for one. It turned out to be not as sad a day as I thought it would be. Well that could be cause we didnít get to stay until the bitter end we had to leave early so Keith could sleep before work. The weekend was gorgeous though. We arrived at my parentís place around 1 on Sunday (we had Thanksgiving at Keithís parents on Saturday night). After a light lunch we all went for a walk which was pretty cool since itís so rare that we get a chance to do that. It was my mom, dad, my younger brother, Keith and myself. I, of course, took lots of pictures with my digital camera to mark the event.

That night we had our second turkey dinner of the weekend and played lots of scrabble. Monday we were up way too early (I blame Keith cause he couldnít sleep so my parents got me up to keep him company). We left for Ickabod around 11 and as we drove their I kept talking about how this would be the last time Ė ever Ė that I would drive down these roads. I was being melodramatic but it was also true. I wonít have a need to travel those roads anymore.

Once everyone showed up we began to eat (weíre a quick bunch with the food) before we ate my dad decided to say grace a different way Ė cause of me. I had told them about Keithís family tradition where they go around the table and all say what they are thankful for. So thatís what we did. All 20+ of us. It was actually quite nice. Once we all ate the picture taking began. I think I took at least 50 pictures of Ickabod. It still hasnít really hit me that the land is no longer ours. I donít think it will until special events come up that we normally go there for. I think my parents will miss it a lot as they liked to get away but now my dad is talking about getting a trailer so him and mom can get away and go camping in the summers.

The week after Thanksgiving started off the week from hell for me at work. It was just an insane time. I even went home one night and ended up crying over it. I just stress myself out because I want to get everything done even though sometimes itís just impossible. I have to really make a conscience effort to leave work at work. On Survivor night I talked T into dying our hair. The boxes I had bought a few months ago looked a lot blonder than we would normally do but we went ahead with it. The result? About the same. Yah kind of a let down. Keith says he notices a difference but itís very subtle. One day I would like to do a Ďbamí in your face kind of hair coloring Ė just for the kicks of it.

So that brings us to the weekend past. Oktoberfest. It happened. Everyone came. Miracles do happen. Up until 2 days before we still didnít have a plan. Keith and I had been working diligently on my apartment to make it presentable for 12 people to be in. Finally a plan was made that we would all meet at my place and have drinks and munchies and then head out to the hall. We had just gotten everything set up and I was almost done getting ready when our first guests arrived. Oddly enough the first 6 guests to show up did not bring a lick of alcohol with them. I found this extremely odd since weíve done this in past years and everyoneís always brought their own drinks?! Of course S was included in this group of 6. The other 4 brought their own booze and were shocked when I told them about the others. I still canít get over that. Out of an act of charity I thought it had been Sís husbandís b-day recently so I bought him a card and a Ontario Lottery ticket (10 bucks baby). Then I learned that his birthday had been a few weeks ago so I Ďconvenientlyí forgot to give it to him and scratched the ticket myself Ė I won $10. (Just to finish off that story I bought another ticket with that money and won $25 Ė Iím letting it ride and I bought 2 more Ė they have yet to be scratched. Fingers are crossed.)

**I just spoke to a co-worker who won $1000 on the phrase that pays on Chym-fm this morning**. Just letting you know about my jealousy issues.

So anyway back to the night. S ended up giving us a lift over cause she was DDíing. The hall was better than I expected (or had heard). There were quite a few old people but there was also a lot of younger people. A good mix if I do say so myself. A couple tables of old people left at 9 so we got a big table to ourselves. I didnít have anything to eat at the hall but the food looked good. I did drink a LOT of beer and a LOT of shooters. Orgasms mostly. For everyone you bought you got a pin so I started distributing them to all the girls at my table. Before we left for the hall I had been drinking vodka mixed drinks. By the time we left the hall Ė around midnight cause we didnít want to pay for booze anymore Ė I was feeling no pain. I did get Keith to dance with me twice. Of course he was so drunk that dancing is stretching it. But I made him do it and had T and my future sister-in-law help me. He refuses to dance cause he says he canít. But who canít slow dance? Excuses I say! I did take pictures with a disposable camera that I bought that day of course I didnít realize when I bought it that it didnít have a flash on it Ė who makes cameras without flashes? Thatís insane! Obviously none of the pictures showed up. That would be why Iím writing this all in detail here!

The 6 of us walked home, T, her man, my brother and his gf, Keith and myself. It was a little cold but we didnít really notice it. I, again, wore the boots that kill my feet Ė fashion over function baby. I did notice the pain on the way home. Halfway home T took off running so Keith ran too. The rest of us walked and made a lot of noise Ė we even took a Ďshort cutí that turned out to be a fence in someoneís back yard. We eventually made it home and somehow ended up watching porn. I have this porn tape about Hercules and it is hilarious. Of course six drunk people with no concentration didnít really appreciate it. We ordered pizza and I had one slice cause thatís all I could force down. I knew it wasnít going to be a good night for me. T and her man left around 2 and we headed to bed Ė my bro and his gf slept on the air mattress in my living room. That night I slept like crap and kept having dreams of the hall we were at. I dreamt that the old people were cleaning the hall. Thatís it Ė just cleaning it. How crazy is that?! Around 6am I knew it was time to pray to the porcelain god. And fast. I jumped out of bed and made it to the washroom in record time. Then I proceeded to lose all the alcohol I had consumed. Rather violently. Apparently Keith tells me this is not how most people up-chuck. He said itís cause I wait till itís forced out of me and this is why itís so violent. I didnít feel too bad the rest of the day just the normal hang over symptoms. My guests were nice enough to clean my apartment for me and I didnít step a foot outside till 11 that night to drop Keith off at work.

Monday I felt like complete crap. My stomach was killing me. I made it till lunch then went home and called in sick for the rest of the day. It hurt to move. The puking had caught up to me. The next morning I woke up and felt much better physically but I was tired so I called in sick. I spent the day doing nothing Ė it was bliss. I had good intentions of doing stuff but the couch and tv called to me.

Wednesday I was a good girl and went to the gym for the first time in weeks. It wasnít as bad as I remembered. Heh. In fact I remembered why I enjoy going there. Although I did sweat like a beast. When I left there Keith was outside waiting for me which was a first and was really cool. He had got my email about going to the gym and had walked over to meet me so we could do some grocery shopping. I like when he surprises me.

Yesterday was Survivor. I also went to my boxercise class (I had missed the last 2 classes). First one due to sickness second due to stress Ė I went to my chiro appointment and then shopping instead. But last night the class kicked ass. I love punching Ė a little too much. Kicking rocks too. We used the stability balls last night Ė that was my first time. They are cool and they do work. Of course I had visions of me falling off while doing the push-ups and smashing my face into the gymnasium floor Ė that would have been a big owie.

Now that brings us to this weekend. We donít have any plans. Which is kind of nice. Next week weíre going to Toronto for a halloween party. (well technically 2 parties) Weíll probably spend the weekend finding a costume for Keith. Iím a nurse. And not a naughty nurse. Just a regular nurse. Itís an easy costume and a comfy one. Iím quite pleased with myself if I do say so. The one thing we canít do this weekend is spend a lot of money. I have been so bad with money lately. Spending it left right and centre, forgetting to pay my bills so when I do itís usually a double payment which drains the account pretty fast. Thatís why Iím hoping these lotto tickets hold a little something to help a girl out. I can dream canít I?

Well I think I may end this entry now cause itís a helluva long entry! I shall try my best to write a little more frequently. Cause these long ones areÖ..just to long!

4:39 p.m. - 2004-10-22


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