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Oh so tired. That about sums it up.

So my weekend was pretty good. We did a whole lot of nothing. Friday we ordered a pizza and rented a movie - which sadly 3 days later I can't remember. Saturday I was actually up at a normal time and Keith was up only a few hours later. We returned the movie, rented two more for the night (Garfield and Envy - both not so good - especially Garfield - very bad). We did what most people who don't have plans do on the weekend - went to the mall. It was packed. It was a look into the not so far off future - Christmas shopping. It was busy and then some. Sadly I was not in the mood to shop so I didn't get nuthin'.

After the mall Keith agreed to go to Waterloo town square so I could look at the painting I'm saving for. He still says it's too big but I still love it just as much. I can't explain the feelings I get when I look at it. It's so peaceful and calming and I get this warm glow inside. Cheesy but that's what it does to me. I gotta have it. I just about have all the money to buy it. I'm so excited. I'll probably have to ask T to come with me since it probably won't fit in my car. That goes to show how big it is.

After all that we got back to my place and lazed around and watched the movies. T called around 8:30 to ask if she and her man could come over. Keith and I quickly tidied up my apartment (it's not so bad when you don't let it get out of control). Alas, she called back a while later and said they weren't gonna drop in after all. So I made myself some KD and Keith called it a night. Tres exciting.

Sunday I was up pretty early by our standards. Keith was already up for a few hours. He made us some breakfast and then we spent the next few hours like a married couple - I read, did some dishes and he played on his computer. It was quite relaxing. Then we cleaned ourselves up, returned the movies and it was my turn to shop. I was in the mood. So we headed to Zellers where I spent oodles of money on stuff that I kinda needed but wasn't desperate for.

Have you ever finished a book and were sad that you did? Cause it was just such a good book. That was the way I felt on Sunday. I bought a book on Friday (I almost didn't get it cause it didn't look too interesting but then I bought it on a whim). Well, every spare moment I had, I picked up the book and read it. I went looking for more books yesterday by the same author but so far haven't found any. I'm gonna keep searching.

Last night I went out to dinner with T and C. It was supposed to be a 'cheer up' dinner for C. She's going through some tough times. Right now her job is uncertain and her neighbour is trying to sue her. So I don't think we really managed to cheer her up but she did manage to bring me down. I can understand someone being upset over these things but she won't look on the positive side at all. She's alive! She's healthy! She has a house, a car, parents who love and support her (she'd argue that but they do). I'm guessing that her sadness goes deeper than what she's saying. But I'm not too happy with the way our night ended. The conversation turned to me and Keith - she asked me if I was sure he was the one and that I wanted to marry. I said yes. She then went on to say how she wasn't sure about him. There were things that she didn't like. News to me. That reminds me of when J and I broke up - the first time I think. This was when C and I worked together. Apparently she told my co-workers about it and I was told that she was a little too happy in the telling of it. I can understand to a degree. Sometimes when life's not going great for us we feel better when other people start to have problems too. It's a fault a lot of us have. I know that deep down C is bitter about where her life is. She's been single for about 10 years now. For various reasons.

I don't know it just really upset me that she had to say those things to me last night. I can't remember the last time she saw Keith. I think in August for Rib fest. But she was also in a funk that night too. Apparently T and I were having a little too much fun and she felt excluded. Sometimes I feel there's no winning with her. She's having enough problems and I don't need a confrontation with her (especially since she may use it as an outlet to her anger and frustration) so I'm gonna keep my mouth shut and just let her work through whatever it is she's going through.

Of course this had put a damper on my night last night. Keith was in a relatively good mood when I got to his place around 8:30. We went back to mine and sat around just talked for a while, then played two games of You Don't Know Jack (I won the first - woo). Then we went to bed. By this time Keith was tired and ready to sleep and I was ready to….well get frisky. Alas it wasn't to be. Being me, I didn't take this news well. I turned over and pouted and then fell asleep pretty quickly cause I was actually quite tired. I didn't even hear Keith get up to go to work. Not until I heard the door shut and then got upset that he didn't kiss me goodbye. I'm weird like that. Luckily I fell back to sleep pretty quickly. Unfortunately I was awake again at 3am. I awoke with an upset tummy. Something I ate wasn't sitting well. So I got up, took some good ol' pepto bismol, sat on the couch for a few minutes and then went back to bed. My alarm went off way to soon and I was so tempted to make a call but I was a trooper and hauled my butt out of bed and got ready for work. I do have a four day work week after all. I have my flex day on Friday (yes!).

I'm trying really hard to get back into exercising. Last week I exercised 3 days in a row. And yesterday I actually went to the gym before meeting the girls at the restaurant. I'm aiming for the gym again tonight. Tomorrow is swimming and then Thursday is boxercise. That would be 4 days in a row. Cross your fingers for me. I'm on a mission.

Now if only I could get the eating healthier under control a little better. Those halloween chocolates are my downfall. They're so deceiving! One day at a time.

12:16 p.m. - 2004-10-26


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