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Finally - an entry!

Well itís been a while. The excuses are too numerous to mention of why I havenít updated. But letís not dwell on the past. The show must go on.

My weird mood may be attributed to the fact that Iím not in my familiar surroundings at work. In fact Iím in a completely different office. My boss asked me yesterday to come to our Guelph office, I didnít hesitate, I jumped at the chance. A change of scenery Ė sweet. So far the day is going pretty good. I have a hot lunch date with C and T who both work in Guelph Ė in fact C works in the same building, we had break together.

So Iíve been in a lousy mood these past few days. I blame it on aunt flo. So basically pms (oh the joy of feeling bloaty and crampy). I have been one major cranky machine. Poor Keith. Although, really, shouldnít he count his lucky stars that Iím not always like this. I must say that he got off pretty lucky with nice easy going olí me. Toot toot. That was me tooting my own horn!

So not too much has been going on. A co-worker got engaged while she was on vacation in Mexico. This is a girl who doesnít want to get married again. Lovely. But sheís a nice girl so I wonít hold it against her.

This past weekend (4 days!), I made it home to my parentís place and celebrated 3 birthdays. My brother (23), my niece (6) and my sister-in-law (30). It was a fun time, except that Keith couldnít come cause of work. On Sunday I came back nice and early so I could attend Keithís family reunion with him. It was pretty good. His brotherís girlfriend was there. Why do I mention this? Cause she was very pregnant. Yup theyíre having a baby. Iíve been dreaming of babies a lot lately Ė now that I think about it that might have had something to do with it. Moving onÖ..

Iíve been walking to work all week (okay except for today and tomorrow okay and Friday). Well two out of five ainít bad. I was also walking during my lunch hour too. Which could explain why my legs and feet have been sore. The joys of exercise. Tonight is swimming night.

Last night Keith found a list that I had made regarding Christmas. We both saw his name and then the game was on. We fought over the list, him holding it me trying to get it away from him. I realized it was just a game when he stopped us after the commercials were over and then wanted to resume once we the commercials came on again. Sly devil just wanted me to mock wrestle with him. Of course the joke was on me when I got a major charlie horse in my calf. Itís still sore today. And of course once I had the list his name was on it but I hadnít written anything beside it. We watched the 2 hours of the Amazing Race. I didnít know it was on 2 hours Ė so I was a tad tired this morning. Keith made me a huge breakfast but I was running short on time so I only enjoyed half of it Ė which really wasnít all that bad since he makes way too much food for me in the morningís.

Well the day is just about done. I get to leave at 4:30 today rather than 4:48 of course I made a deal with the devil, I mean my boss, in which I wouldnít charge mileage for my getting to come in at 8:30 rather than 8 and leave early. I think Iím getting the short end of the stick but whatís a girl to do? I didnít mind coming here, it was a nice change of scenery. Although Iím not looking forward to the drive home Ė in the rain. Fun times.

4:24 p.m. - 2004-11-17


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