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Face to face with the ex (his not mine!)

I think I would like to stop working now, so I'll type an entry instead. I have a little over half an hour to go. The day has gone by relatively quick. It seems that we have the x-mas attitude happening around the office. Everyone's all smiley and there's non stop food displayed around the office (although that part I could do without!).

I think if one more person asks me when I'm getting 'engaged' I'm going to scream! Like, really, is it up to me? Am I supposed to go buy my own ring and then tell Keith we're engaged? No! People know this but they ask me anyway. It's not like we set a date to get engaged. Today someone asked me while we were both in the washroom, in our own stalls. Classy. She then asked how old I was and guessed 23. She's forgiven. When I told her I was 30 *argh* she said it was my youthful laugh and smile or something like that. Whatever I'll take it.

So yesterday I had a bit of excitement. After work Keith met me and we speed walked home (he's a fast walker). We stopped at a laundromat and put our clothes into wash and then we drove to the chiropractors. Keith took the car to go pick up a few things. While I was waiting in the 'waiting room' there were 2 kids who were kind of rambunctious. The receptionist warned them to behave and said their names. That's when my heart began to race and my hands went clammy. Those kids belonged to Keith's ex. The one who he has no pictures of and who I've always been curious as to what she looked like, sounded like etc. Ironically on our walk home we were talking about ex's and the fact that I have never seen his was brought up - spooky eh?

So I sat on pins and needles in the room praying the receptionist wouldn't call me to go back and waiting for the ex to come out, after about a few years or several minutes if we're talking actual time she came out. I had the luxury of observing her as she obviously knows nothing about me. I must say I was rather relieved that she wasn't some kind of knock out or anything like that. She was rather plain and not in the best of moods. It seemed she was on her last nerve where her kids were concerned. Then it took them forever and a day to get ready to leave. I was then forced to sit on pins and needles and wonder if Keith would be back before they left. They were at the door about to leave when who walked in but Keith! No words were said and they didnít really even acknowledge each other. Keith was making eyes at me cause he didn't know that I already knew it was her. So he had the shock of a lifetime. Then we go to go into the room to get my back cracked and know that our doctor knows that she just treated Keith's ex and now she's treating his current girlfriend. It was like one big soap opera. But Keith seemed okay with it all. I was probably the most freaked out. I just couldn't get over the coincidence of running into the very person we were talking about not 2 hours before.

It may not seem like a big deal but I'm a drama queen so to me it was. The rest of the night was pretty quiet. We finished laundry and grocery shopping then headed back to my place and watched the Amazing Race. My favourite couple got booted off. MJ and Don. They were so cute I loved them. They had short words with each other very rarely and they were just so cute when they cheered each other on and spoke to one another. The name "Victoria" being screamed loudly echoed in my head for the rest of the night. If you watch the Amazing Race you'll get that.

Tonight is swimming. Not sure if Keith is going or not, depends if he slept or not.

I'm proud to say that I am all done x-mas shopping for everyone but Keith. That's 17 people done. I also have a book to get for Keith's dad but I already know what I want so it's just the going there and getting it.

4:36 p.m. - 2004-12-15


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