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A whole lotta white stuff!

The day started out as oh so promising. There was about 10 inches on the ground of fresh fallen snow and it was not stopping. I was going to drive to work but one look outside and I decided to walk. Half way to work I was doubting the wisdom of my decision. The snow was pretty high and I swear it was worse than going to the gym. I was ashamed at how out of breath I got. At one point I felt nauseous probably cause I wolfed down my shreddies and was running through snow a few minutes later - not the smartest move.

As expected we had a lot of cancellations at work. Everyone kept going on about how we should close the office but around 11:30 the snow let up and the plows finally started clearing the streets. Right now it's sunny but the wind is blowing something fierce. I debated going out to Shoppers Drug Mart at lunch but decided to save my strength for my walk home. I donít mind the snow today and tomorrow I'm just hoping it clears up for Saturday so Keith and I can make it to my parents in one piece.

I can't believe it's Christmas in 2 days!!!! That's unbelievable. I guess it's like this every year, it seems we gear up for it months and months and then poof it's over. C'est la vie.

I'm actually quite impressed with how prepared I am for this x-mas. All the presents are bought and wrapped and I have all my baking stuff prepared to bake tonight. I even started sorting the x-mas gifts and getting them ready to deliver. Donít I sound like Santa?

Of course as I said yesterday I'm probably forgetting something major and lulling myself into a false sense of security! I had one of my 'height dreams' the other night. Walking over a bridge without railings and the wind was really gusty. I keep meaning to look it up in my dream book.

I'm full. I just had our left over burritos from Tuesday night's dinner. I brought it yesterday but 6 of us gals decided to go out to lunch. Pretty fun. We went to a new place across the street from our work. We all had the same thing a pasta dish. We were all stuffed when we left. On my walk home I got a shock when half way home Keith popped out from behind building. Cute. I did laundry and dishes while he ran out and bought the baking stuff I needed and dinner. I was still full from lunch and he wasn't feeling well so he ended up going to bed around 7. I eventually cooked the chicken breasts on my little indoor grill trying to be quiet the whole time - the kitchen is outside my bedroom door. I ended up having a healthy little meal with a baked potato, salad and grilled chicken.

I'm bored. Normally I would be gathering all the purolator and getting it ready for a 3 o'clock pick up but they came at one today and told us they were pulling their trucks off the roads early and needed it now. It was a race but I got it for them.

At lunch I sat and read some diary's. I'm reading a new one and in it the girl talks about her online dating experiences. It brought me back to my experiences. Some good some bad. Memories. I still get that 'feeling' in my tummy when I think of mine and Keith's first kiss and our first few dates. We were so nervous. It's been a year and a half. That's pretty cool. A girl at work is telling everyone I'm getting engaged over x-mas and people are believing her! Nice. You know they'll be asking to see the bling when I come back.

I gotta go move around, my burritos are just kind of sitting there, I gotta get some digesting going!

4:33 p.m. - 2004-12-23


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