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Here I have almost 30 minutes to kill and it never dawns on me to write an entry!

In May me and a few workers are supposed to get new desks and a new work area 'a business centre' if you will. More of an open concept rather than being strictly in cubeland. We asked our boss earlier to see the plans. We were warned they were only preliminary meaning they can be changed. I hope they won't be. If the plans turn out to be correct then I have a sweet ass spot! The corner window spot. I can't tell you how happy I got when I saw this. Me and one other co-worker have the seniority of the 5 of us. I'm second on the ladder so she could technically bitch enough to get the primo spot. This will be interesting. Cause she also has a window spot so it would be really petty if she does anything.

Anyway, I found out some interesting news regarding my sore foot last night while at my chiro appointment. My chiropractor thinks I have basically the beginning of falling arches on my one foot. So she recommended I get some good support shoes to nip it in the bud and then go from there. Oh joy.

I was just flipping through some of my stuff here at work and realized that I never did get my benefit cheque for my health care expenses last month. So I called the provider and it turns out they mailed me a cheque on Feb 9. I don't recall receiving this cheque or for that matter cashing it. They are going to look into it and get back to me. I'm a little worried in case that I did indeed get the cheque and cash it - the not remembering doing it would be worrisome. But I'll wait for the outcome and then continue to worry.

So it's wickedly cold around here lately. Like -25 with the windchill. That's just not right. Yesterday I drove but today I walked - brrr. It turned cold Monday night - this is important - since I had left my balcony door open a bit for the fresh air. When Keith and I walked in my place was like a deep freezer. Even my bedroom was freezing. We did a lot of cuddling that night. Nothin' else cause we didn't need any parts falling off or getting freezer burn for that matter!

The wedding show Monday night was pretty good. T was great. We walked around the place, got all the free stuff we could, then sat down and waited for the fashion show. I won one of the door prizes - a cheap piece of jewelry that I'm allergic to. Ah well.

I called my mom last night to ask her something about their visit next week and to chit chat about the wedding, I could tell she was very happy that I had called to do that. It's the little things that make my mom happy.

My boss called me into her office today to discuss this and that and we ended up chatting about my wedding for a good half-hour. Never hurts to suck up to the boss. I also mentioned I may want to leave early one day next week when my folks are visiting….slid that right in there.

Next week is gonna be rough for my boy. He's gonna be working double duty for his boss who is away on vacation. The only night we're guaranteed to see eachother is Tuesday and that's cause of the meeting of the parents.

I'm a little peeved cause he knocks himself out like this for the boss but come Easter weekend, he has to work smack dab in the middle of it. I have 4 days off. I always visit my parents and do the church thing, it looks like I'll be doing it solo again this year. I would really like for Keith to see the Stone Church Service at Sunrise. It's very cold but there's just something special about it. Some day….some year.

Well it's just about time to kick this place…time to get changed into the winter gear for the cold walk home. Still limping…but at least I know the problem now!

4:57 p.m. - 2005-03-09


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