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The single life

The Single Life. I'm a single gal this week or at least that's how it feels. I forgot how boring it can be. Sure I can do my own thing, go to the gym, eat whenever I want, watch whatever I want but there's something missing. My boy. Damn, I guess he has grown on me!

I did see him on Tuesday night when the parents met. Talk about nervous. I walked around work all strung out. It's not that I expected it to go horribly wrong I just wanted things to run smoothly and for everyone to actually like eachother and not just make polite chit chat for the 'sake of the kids'. Well as it turns out everyone loved eachother. Whew.

My parents arrived earlier than expected and they picked me up from work at 3pm. We headed off to St Jacob's and they checked in then we all checked out the hotel. The room that the wedding is going to be in was occupied by a meeting but they left shortly after we were there so we got to go in and check it out. My dad was so funny, he raided the left over food the people had left - pop and sweets. Now I know where I get it!

Since we had some extra time on our way over to Keith's I took my parents to the dress shop to show my mom the dresses the girls are going to order. She ended up seeing a mother-of-the-bride dress that she really liked. She went back the next day to try it on and is probably going to order it.

We got to Keith's a few minutes early and as it turned out Keith hadn't been there all that long himself. He was supposed to get off work between noon and two but as it turned out he didn't get home till after 5pm. He was dead tired, had to clean his apartment and get dinner prepared all before our arrival at 6. To say he was beat would be an understatement.

The conversation flowed all evening between the parents. We had a toast before we ate and it was very nice. Dinner was chicken kabobs, roasted potatoes and salad (was going to be greek but not everyone likes it so it was just a plain one). For dessert we had lava cakes and coffee. I'd say the evening was a success.

The only thing that came up was the fact that my dad mentioned that he still has to have 'the talk' with Keith and I about our upcoming nuptials as he does with all the people he marries. This has begun to stress me out since he brought it up. It's bad enough that we have to talk about this stuff but to do it with your own father! One of mine and Keith and biggest issue is 'trust'. Our beginning was rocky to say the least. He looks at it as cheating and I don't - that's the simplest way to put it. I don't really need my dad knowing things like this! So I believe I will stay stressed up until the day we have this talk as Keith hasn't agreed not to mention the whole cheating issue in front of my dad. Which would probably be the main reason my face looks like a pizza this week!

In other news my foot has been driving me insane. I thought it was definitely getting better but when I wore my work shoes on Monday with the inserts it did more bad than good. So since then I've been wearing my sneakers at work which while comfortable with the inserts don't look all that good with the work clothes. I think I'm gonna have to make a legitimate shoe shopping trip which ironically doesn't make me all that happy. When you're on a tight budget every penny counts. Yesterday my bank account dipped under the dreaded $1500 - by $5 which means all transactions this month will cost me. Petty I know.

But on the upside of things my parents are paying for a lot of the wedding stuff. More than I ever expected. The food at the reception - my wedding dress - a hotel room for myself the night before the wedding and now a hotel room for Keith and I the night of our wedding in the expensive suite.

Well it's past quittin' time but I stayed to clear up my desk since Iím off tomorrow. Thank goodness!

5:09 p.m. - 2005-03-17


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