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April...make it or break it month

So yesterday at work I got an email from my boss indicating she needed to talk to me and 2 other co-workers. I spent the afternoon wondering what I had done wrong. At the appointed hour we met with our boss who then informed the 3 of us that she's leaving - for one year. She's going to our head office and we're getting another manager. We all sat there shell shocked. Of course inside part of me was jumping for joy another part of me was kinda upset cause we do get away with a lot - if you know how to work it that is. Then after about 15 minutes of this she jumped up and yelled - GOT YA!. Yah it was her idea of an April Fool's joke.

I did try and tell her that technically since it was only March 31 it didn't count but she wouldn't listen to me. She was just so happy that she got us back for our joke from last year in which the 3 of us had called in sick. She had fallen for it hook line and sinker. Well so did we this year.

I won't deny that part of me was sorry that it was only a joke.

Luckily none of my co-workers were dumb enough to call me this morning and tell me I had to come into work as a practical joke. The fact that I'm sick probably had a lot to do with it that and I'd kill them all on Monday.

After waking up around 10:30 this morning (after 10 hours of sleep!) I had such ambitions for the day but the fact that I spent most of the morning blowing my nose and lying on the couch not much got done. I managed to do the dishes. And I did actually turn off the tv at one point and put on a cd and layed there and let my mind wander. I don't do that much anymore but it's one of my favourite things to do. So many thoughts flutter about. It's freeing.

Just as I started to go through a huge bag of pictures that I found, Keith called. He was up early so I abandoned my good intentions of cleaning and looking at pictures and instead headed over to his place with some much needed ingredients for his meatball making. I also brought over a few totes filled with my stuff in them. Step one of moving my crap over has commenced.

I'm still waiting for word from S to find out if she's able to come for a visit next week. She's supposed to come Monday evening, spend the night and hang out on Tuesday. I took the day off. But if it turns out that her new schedule won't allow it I think I'll cancel the vacation day.

I just whipped of an email to a girl about ordering wedding invitations. The few places I've looked are mega pricy but hers are really good so we'll see if that's gonna work out or not.

Tomorrow Keith and I are hoping to go to the Elmira Syrup Festival. According to the weather channel at this point it's supposed to be -7 and snowy/rainy. Nice. All for syrup.

As per my once a month weigh in, I kept to my word and weighed myself this morning EVEN though I'm sick, haven't been to the gym all week and have been eating TONS of chocolate. I was actually down a couple of pounds and a couple of inches. Nothing to write home about BUT at least I wasn't up! April's my break it or make it month. Cause in May I'll be trying on my wedding gown for the first time ever (gulp) and trying on my bridesmaid dresses for my brother's wedding.

I better be healthy by Monday cause I gotta whip this butt into gear!

Now where did I put those kleenex....

3:40 p.m. - 2005-04-01


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