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Sick of......being sick!

Itís Monday. And somebody (me) definitely has a case of Ďthe Mondayís (Office Space).

In fact itís getting worse. I just finished my lunch Ė sort of. I had about a quarter of my chicken breast and a little of my salad and had to put the rest of it away. I donít feel hungry at all and actually feel kind of nauseous.

I woke up this morning with pains in my stomach but sometimes I get that from lack of sleep (I had about 6 hours) so I wasnít all that concerned.

Since I was driving and running late I skipped breakfast and headed straight to Timís and grabbed myself a muffin and a coffee. I finally ate that around 9:00. At break (10) I had a bottle of Ice T cause I couldnít stomach anymore coffee. Now here I sit feeling kind of ill and not the least bit hungry. Whoís knows whatís up with me now?!

On the weekend I was suffering from Ďsinus pain and pressureí. It was BAD. This is week 3 of the cold and Iím not impressed. I finally bought some medís yesterday and they helped quite a bit.

It probably also would have helped a lot if I had gone to bed at a decent hour but I get so out of whack on the weekends with sleeping that going to bed Sunday night at a decent time just doesnít happen.

I am chewing some gum right now and itís kind of making me feel better so letís hope it keeps on working. Iím just glad I called and cancelled my blood giving appointment. I was gonna cancel anyway cause of the whole sinus thing. The gym is definitely out plus the fact that I didnít even have time to pack my bag this morning. I have a feeling that itís gonna be an early night for meÖit better be!

So the weekend didnít go too bad other than feeling sick and having a sore back (donít I sound like Iím 80?!). Woke up Sunday with a sharp pain in my back but after popping multiple pills it finally went away that evening. Itís sort of back today I figure I just need an adjustment which thankfully is tomorrow!

The weather was gorgeous this past weekend. Highís of 18 and 19. I wish we had spent more time out in it but it wasnít to be. In our sad state (read sore backs) we werenít going on any hiking jaunts! Although Sunday I did get to sit for almost 10 minutes outside in the nice weather while Keith copied a dvd. Alas it was over before it even began and then we went on a 3 hour grocery shopping spree. Iím all for a bargain but going store hopping isnít my idea of fun on a nice sunny Sunday afternoon. Iím gonna have to nip this in the bud before it becomes our routine. I need more sun!

Saturday we went out to eat at a new place! It was just a hole in the wall in the university end of town. It was a noodle hut of some sort. I actually had some spicy food! I was trying to drain the sinuses! It worked for a bit. After that we went to Sugar Mountain and managed (somehow) not to buy the store out but my guy did buy me a chocolate bar. After that it was all about my car. We went for an oil change and then got talked into another expensive item (fuel injection I believe). Then since we were on a roll we headed to the car wash and gave my car a good scrub (sadly itís then that we noticed how many nicks and scratches that the car has received in the last year or so). We also gave it a quick vacuum and then headed back to my place to rest after all that exhausting work!

So my mom is coming down this weekend. Sheís actually coming on Thursday afternoon and staying the night and hanging out on Friday but leaving that evening. She has a church retreat thing sheís going to. Since Iíll have a vacancy I emailed S to let her know itís okay if she comes down this weekend since she miraculously has it off. Sounds like a busy weekend but Iím sure it will be fun.

I have a feeling the month of May is going to be insane. Mostly the weekends. Motherís Day, Sís b-day, Keithís b-day, the May long weekend. Plus I have to throw my future sister in law a shower somewhere in there and try on not only my bridesmaid dress but my wedding dress as well! Lord but I better start taking my vitamins so Iíll be healthy for that month or else this cold will never leave!

Even though I woke up feeling crappy on my way to work I did a total turn around. After getting my coffee and muffin and proceeded to drive the 5 minutes to work I found myself smiling like an infatuated school girl when the song that reminds me of Keith was playing on my cd. I can never remember the name of the song but it goes ďyou and me baby ainít nothiní like mammals so letís do it like they do on the discovery channelĒ. Every time I hear that song it makes me grin ear to ear. It was the first time I had seen Keith relaxed and playful and drunk! He was so cute. He was singing along with the song while holding onto me and it was just such a cool moment! Before that song played I was listening to Mamma Mia by Abba which got me totally excited for seeing the play at the end of the month. I know itís gonna be a hassle driving 2 hours out of our way but Iím really hoping it turns out to be a fun adventure! Please please please. Or else Iíll never hear the end of it!

Well I should end this now so I can post.

1:55 p.m. - 2005-04-11


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