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Make me laugh funny boy...

I went to my first comedy show on the weekend. Club 54 in Niagara Falls. We went Saturday night. By the time we had decided that we were definitely going Ė lack of sleep and rainy weather Ė we werenít sure whether we would make it for the early show or not. We pulled into Niagara around 6:30 and decided to eat at Ďourí pasta place. If we had rushed we could have made it but I wanted the evening to be a relaxing one not a rushed one. So we dawdled over dinner and were going to order dessert but our waitress decided not to ask us and just gave us the bill Ė I guess I didnít really need the extra calories anyway.

We drove around the muddy streets of Niagara (road work) and finally found the place we were looking for. Apparently the free parking we were offered was all taken up so we had to look around for some cheap parking - $5. Since we had time to kill we went into the casino and lost a whopping $15 before we decided to get the heck out of there. We were the first to arrive for the Comedy show and found out that the early show had been cancelled and they only were having the late show Ė bonus for us. We flashed our 2-for-1 coupon and immediately grabbed a table in front of the stage.

I admit I was a little awestruck over Ben Guyatt the host. I canít help it. I see someone on tv and when theyíre in person I get excited. Yah I know Iím weird. So I followed Ben around with my eyes until the show started and kept kidding around with Keith about getting Benís autograph.

The show was quite funny and Keith even got to go up on stage at one point. He always gets picked and thatís the way I like it! I get to sit there and watch him do crazy things and nearly pee myself laughing.

The show didnít end till after 11:30 at which time we high tailed it out there and headed back on the highway for home. This time we were adamant we would not miss the exit. Can you guess the next part? Yah we missed it. We were yapping away and suddenly I went ďUmÖI think we just passed the exitÖAGAIN!Ē. Lord I donít know what it is about that exit but we miss it every time! This time we managed to get off, turn right around and get back on track.

Sunday was a very lazy day. We both slept in fairly late and didnít leave the apartment till around 4:30 when we decided to pick up some food for dinner. Knowing that I wouldnít be able to go to bed at my regular time I made use of my non-sleeping time by ironing my very wrinkly pants (new washing machine in the building). I have an iron but no board so I made do on a small footstool Ė creative but slow going.

Iíve been a major sloth lately and havenít been to the gym in 2 weeks. Iím not even going to get started cause it depresses me too damn much. This week my co-worker is off on vacation so Iím gonna be driving to work and hope that this will be my driving force (no pun intended) to go to the gym directly after work. The only snag in this plan is tomorrow cause weíre meeting a lady that is showing us invitations at my place after work. Iíll try and be a good girl and go afterwards.

Iím not sure why Iím like this. I know that Iím going to be trying on my wedding gown any week now but for some reason this isnít enough to prompt me to eat healthy and go to the gym. I want it. But not bad enough it seems. I donít know, maybe the nerves havenít kicked in yet. Or maybe since I know my gown is made to fit my body size of only a few months ago I know Iím okay unless I gain weight (which thankfully I havenít!). I guess Iíll have to try the dress on and see how it looks and then go from there. I am starting to get excited about trying it on Ė excited and very nervous!

I kept meaning to document for my own purposes Ė how my weekend with my mom went 2 weekends ago. I just never got around to writing and posting the entry. So for my own records Ė my mom came down on the Thursday, we hung out, had dinner at Keithís and played lots of scrabble. Saturday we went for our massages, had lunch at Red Lobster and then did some shopping and she managed to get her outfit for the wedding for a cheaper price than we had anticipted. She left around 6 but not before one more game of scrabble squeezed in. Then on Saturday my friend S came into town and we got rip roaring drunk over at Keithís. The weather was great, we bbqíd and sat outside and drank all night. On Sunday S and I went to Woodstock to visit a couple of friends who were moving. I was hung over but besides that the day went well.

Next weekend Keith and I are heading to Collingwood for a free nightís stay at a resort and tickets to see Mama Mia. We map quested Collingwood and itís a little farther than we thought. Letís hope gas goes down next weekend!

Weíre currently deciding whether to get a seasonís pass for Canadaís Wonderland this year. I think as long as we keep the cost down when going there (bring our own food etc) then we should go for it. Itís a good way to kill a nice summer day and when itís hot and sticky outside the water park is the place to be. But I guess weíll have to weigh the negatives against the positives. We have till May 9 to decide Ė before the price goes up.

Well this entry is long enough, I better post now and get it up there.

1:00 p.m. - 2005-04-25


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