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It's not worth the all...

You remember those "Life's Little Instructions Books" that were so popular a few years back? I came up with one to add to it:

"Never skimp on hair conditioner if you have long hair".

I think that would have been a valid entry.

I also have another one to add although it wouldn't really apply to that many people:

"It's not worth the drive to Collingwood, no matter how good the deal seems."

Yah so my worst fears came true with this whole 'too good to be true weekend getaway'. After a 2 1/2 drive to Collingwood we checked in and found out that there were no Mamma Mia tickets. After many calls and a whole lot of attitude we finally got the front counter girl to call someone at home to find out what was going on. The woman wasn't too co-operative. She kept offering dining gift certificates as a replacement. I ended up handing the phone over to Keith so he could deal with her cause I was about to tell her where she could put those extra dining coupons. The short story is we ended up driving back that night and not staying. Our drive was longer cause we took a wrong turn (seriously the story of our lives) but as usual we had a good time finding our way back and kept our sense of humor.

It was really weird cause I wasn't that upset over the whole thing. I think a part of me actually suspected that this was too good to be true. But the weirder part is I wasn't in a fighting mood. It's not that I wanted to be taken advantage of but I just didn't have the 'oomph' to fight over it. Luckily when we got a phone call Monday morning from the manager he was very apologetic and wanted to make us happy. Although he did say as it turns out the tickets were there, just in another area and it had all been a mix up. Keith pointed out that he could have been lying to make the resort look better and not like they were pulling the old bait and switch trick.

We left off with him wanting to buy us tickets for the event. The only problem is getting the tickets. The play is officially sold out. They have single seating left only. He emailed me this morning to ask what I wanted to do and Keith said it's up to me. I really want to sit with Keith and I really want to see the play. Dilemma. I decided to just tell him to book us some tickets. We'll have to watch it separately then get together at intermission. It sucks but not seeing it would suck even more - especially on their bill.

Having Monday off was so nice. My weekend felt extra long thanks to not sleeping in at all. Yesterday I was up at 8am cause Keith was hoping to get an early appointment with the chiropractor. He somehow put his back out and was in a lot of pain over the weekend. Luckily he got in so I took him to get fixed. Afterwards we went out and purchased our first major appliance - a freezer! A small freezer but still it's our first purchase together - although really he paid for it - but still it's 'ours'.

Before that I went and spent a butt load of money too - on clothes! I've needed new work shirts for a while. My office is business casual but since I do the bitch work of the office I tend to dress in clothes that are a little less dressy and that are comfortable. So usually I buy colorful t-shirts which is dressy enough for me. I did buy one short sleeve blouse that I normally wouldn't wear but I'm stepping out of my safety zone. I also bought a pair of pants that are a little big on me - I know I've got issues. I would rather a little extra room than fabric plastered to my legs - no one needs to see that. Luckily the pants were on sale so I won't feel guilty when they get too big for me - how's that for optimism!

4:57 p.m. - 2005-05-03


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