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A review of another busy weekend

I wrote this yesterday and didn't get a chance to post. So rather than waste this long it is a day late:

Chocolate is evil. Pure evil. I have a box of Smarties on my desk and they are trying to tempt me to open them and partake of their yummy goodness. Maybe if it was an ordinary box I would have sampled the chocolate wonders by now and maybe even have finished the box - crazier things have happened. But since this box is special, it has little maple leaf's on them for Canada Day I am resisting as I would like to share them with my boy. I've been carrying them around in my huge purse/summer bag all weekend. They don't seem to have melted yet so that's good.

It's been insanely hot around here the last couple of days. Humidity is somewhere around the high 30's. Although at this moment my skin is goosebumpy and my little hairs are standing on end. But I'm not complaining. Air conditioning is a wonderful thing.

This past weekend I again managed to do a lot of driving. On Saturday Keith came over around 8:30 and we were out the door by 9:30. But we made it to my parents in good time. There's something to be said for planning. I went out with my mom, future sil and her mom. It was good but the food situation was sketchy. We thought of doing lunch and that was never clarified and then when we were leaving the mall the sil thought we were doing dinner out but my mom had already put dinner in the oven to cook while we were out. Minor things that could have been avoided if there was better communication. Can you tell I work in an office?

But we found dresses for the mothers in record time. First place we went to actually. First dresses they tried on. And both were 25% off. Very cool. Although looking for earrings to match my mom's dress for the next 2 hours wasn't all that cool. We grabbed some snacks on the way out of the mall - popcorn and slushy for me - and headed home.

The play my brother in was excellent. It was Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Although the narrator lady could have been clearer, her voice was very high so it was hard to follow her. I took a few pictures at the end but when my camera says it has 'low battery' it really does mean it, so I'm not sure how well the pic's turned out.

On Sunday we got away a bit earlier than usual due to other church services going on. Although we lost that time since I wanted to drop in on my older brother to give him his b-day present and to interrogate him regarding my brother's bachelor party. It turns out that my brother asked my dad and uncle to go. Say what? Yah we're all scratching our heads over that one! I had to find out what he was thinking. As it turns out I never did get a straight answer as to why he would do that but his ultimate plan is to go to a gamble-y type place, send the older generation home and then hit the more risqué places. It's a risky plan if you ask me. What if the older generation won't leave? It could be awkward. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

I gave my brother a huge box of microwave popcorn and a movie. A football movie with Tim McGraw in it, Friday Night Lights I think. Actually I gave him 2 movies the other was 8 Mile with Eminem (don't those 2 just go together?!). It was cheaper to buy the package deal then just the one movie. Stupid! I gave my brother the choice of keeping the Eminem movie or I'd take it if it wasn't his cup of tea. The reason I didn't split the movies up was in case he already saw/owned the football movie I wouldn't be able to return it since the package was opened. Always thinking I am. As it turned out he decided to keep the Eminem one but was warned to watch it when his little ones were fast asleep.

Funny story. While I was in chatting it up with my bro and sil, Keith was in the car waiting for me. The cold I am graciously sharing with him had knockered him out and he was fast asleep when we arrived and wasn't getting up for the short visit. In my haste to visit with my brother I had run out of the car, taking the keys with me and not even rolling down a window or two for my boy (power windows). So for the half hour I socialized Keith slept and sweated away. Good mother I'll make eh? Although really he is 31 so I trust he could have opened the door for air if worse came to worse!

I spent last night doing nothing even though I should have begun the clean up of my apartment since I'm expecting company this weekend. A girls night out. I think this may be the first time I'll be partying with my future sil without my brother around. She's a great gal though so I think we'll have a good time. Good thing I get paid on Thursday! I had an expensive weekend. First my brother's b-day present, then I owed my other brother $30 for the tickets to his play, then I found out the money I paid on my bridesmaid dress a few weeks ago never actually transpired (technical difficulties) and my mom paid the $137 for me so I had to repay her. Then of course the usual full tank of gas for the trip there and back. Not to mention the lovely junk food places that we frequented. Money, there's just never enough of it!

1:30 p.m. - 2005-06-07


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