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Issues, Obstacles & a Moral Test

I'm tired. Crying this morning probably didn't help - it always makes me tired. I went to bed at a decent hour but sleeping when you're upset isn't the most restful.

My man and I were having some issues in the bedroom department. We kind of almost cleared it up this morning but Iím still not really feeling the love vibe from him. He says he's tired and cranky so I guess we'll see if it's any better tonight.

Ironically the song playing on the radio as I'm typing this is Lucy Got Lucky. Now if only I could get lucky!

Ahem, anyway.

As for the moral test, yesterday our boss was out of the office and we were in her office setting up a joke when we noticed some papers on her desk - confidential papers. One of my co-workers is going for an interview today and on the desk was questions and ANSWERS to the interview. We were all too honest to go in there and take a good look and report back - especially the woman taking the test. I was probably the worst. I took a few looks but unfortunately the questions were so long winded and dry I couldn't retain the info to report back! Probably what makes this even worse is that this co-worker applied for this position about a year ago and was denied cause according to our boss 'she didnít have the meat and potatoes' in the interview that she needed. It would have been so easy to get those meat and potatoes yesterday. So easy.

Last night if everything had gone my wayÖsome good lovin' and then some chattin' before bed I was going to try and come up with a game plan with my boy for more healthier low point dinners. I was unpacking some summer clothes last night and as I took them out of the boxes I realized that a lot wouldn't fit since I had 'planned' on being thinner than when I had packed them up last Fall. Not so obviously.

As usual I'm procrastinating on cleaning my apartment for this weekend's festivities. I imagine Friday on my flex day I'll be in overdrive trying to make it presentable. Story of my life. Let's hope I'm not this way when it comes to my wedding plans!

Well this entry is gonna be short and (bitter)sweet.

4:56 p.m. - 2005-06-08


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